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Episode # 82 Giving Up Casinos for Lent?

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Show Notes:  We once again explore the charm of the Southern Indiana Riverboats, Hollywood Lawrenceburg, Rising Star in Rising Sun, and the Belterra in Florence, Indiana. Yet we were shocked to learn that the state of Indiana has changed its casino laws and now permits land based casinos.  All three resorts that we visited have a combination, some of the casino remains on the boat, some of the casino is now on land.  In fact, all three have new sports books in these resorts are land-based.  Perhaps the day of the  Riverboats, put in the river waters way back in 1993 will be coming to an end.  

In “Craps Talk” Coach Fav highlights a new small craps table at the Belterra that is run by just two dealers. The table is for six players maximum. In this way the casino can keep a craps table open at those hours when it would not be sensible to put a crew on a larger table. This idea is a good one. Our “Meet-Up Listeners” made the “Make Them All” bet three times in two days of play in the small tub of a table.  Coach Fav did play on the larger tables later in the evening where he saw a player lose $5,000 in about 90 minutes. We learned via Messenger that one of our podcast listeners, Mike, won $5800 at the Belterra just a few days before we arrived. Mike was not with us the nights that we played. We missed him by a few days. Again, he messaged us regarding his good fortune.

In the third segment of the podcast, Janie and Coach Fav reveal how they feel as if they are in a John Cougar Mellencamp song when they are visiting the small rivers towns of Southern Indiana. “Here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane, two American kids doing the best they can.” So much fun to be here. Give it a try for a total change of pace. Finally, in church Janie meets a friend who explains that she is giving up casinos for lent, with some safety nets.  She is staying until Midnight on Fat Tuesday and playing again on Easter Sunday. Count Janie and Coach Fav out on that giving up casinos thing.  How about you?

Thanks for listening.

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Episode # 81 The Beaux Rivage, A Big Yes!

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Podcast Show Notes for Episode # 81, February 6, 2020

1. The show opens with a Trip Report from Casinos USA member, Elaine, She gives the Mississippi Beaux Rivage a big, YES, and explains why so on a phone call to Casinos USA.  

2. Remembering Elaine’s big slot win in Las Vegas at Ellis Island…

3. Our low rolling pass line play called 3-2-1 craps has reached 154,000 views within one year of publication on YouTube. Coach Fav tells of his book called “Craps Across America,” which sold more than 1900 copies. The cost was $8.95 a book, but Coach Fav only got a royalty of $1.19 per book sold.  Today the out-of print book is selling on Bay for several hundred dollars and Coach Fav doesn’t get a penny. To see the free Color Up video, go to YouTube and just search “3-2-1 craps.” Enjoy. 

4. Coach Fav wins a Super Bowl wager against a one point spread in a wild finish by KC. Shakira and Jay-Lo put on an amazing dance routine at the Super Bowl. In this Super Bowl aftermath segment, Janie and Coach Fav discuss their views. The government of Macau because of the Corona Virus closes their Asian casinos for the next few weeks. Over 400 people have died from the virus next door in China. 

5. Casinos USA travel plans for February 20200 are revealed; Come shoot some craps with us at the Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, Indiana, the evening of February 18 and during the day and evening on February 19. Coach Fav will be wearing either a Nevada or ND hoodie or sweatshirt. On our last visit to the Belterra Coach Fav made the Make Them All bet. Can he repeat that roll?

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Episode # 80 Are Youtube Craps Videos Fake?

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Podcast Notes: 

Part 1: Casinos USA presents its suspicions with craps videos where early 7-outs do not occur at all. Come on! Still, we enjoy many of these videos even though we do not take their positions as Gospel.  We challenge all of the promises they make because of their dice setting or betting strategies unless they are willing to go LIVE. There are a couple of YouTube channels that offer craps videos that are honest and transparent.  Try Color Up and the Wizard of Odds. Both of these are enjoyable and well done, and an early 7 does appear on these videos because there is not any doctoring being done on these sites.

Part 2: How much cash can you legally carry on an airplane? A recent case from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania International Airport, may shock you.  What until you hear this one!

Part 3: The strange story of Doctor Wong, the high roller from Singapore who refused to pay an Austrian casino the nearly 42.3 million that he lost playing Baccarat. Aaron, from the Austrian podcast, CRAPS JOURNEY, called in to explain how the courts ruled in this case.  Who won, Dr. Wong or the Casino? Aaron explains. Check out these sites provided by Craps Journey to read even more about this real life incident:

Part IV: Janie discusses her slot machine success at The Meadows Casino and Hyatt Hotel in Washington, Pennsylvania

Thanks for listening

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Episode # 79 Dababy, Ski Mask, and Migos

Introduction: New faces, voices, and a new genre of music are not that far away from being Vegas Headliners. They are Rappers, of course and Hip Hop, of course. For now, Lady Gaga, Canadian singer Shania Twain, the rock group Arrowsmith, and such remain the mainstream draws and the upcoming young rappers and the hip hop crowd are in the nightclubs.  That’s for now.  

Entertainment in Las Vegas is fluid and changing so be prepared as time goes by for headliners that many of us have never heard of or listened much or at all  will be the new normal. We do agree on this. It’s time to appreciate that the Boomer music that nearly all casinos play 24/7 is in its end time. Pull the plug on Boomer Music in Casinos.  Come on! It’s 50 years old.  Enough.  “Here’s my story it’s sad but true, about a girl that I once new.”


Part 2  Explanation of “Super Hedge” – a scheme for playing craps at an extremely choppy table. In this Craps Talk segment we consider the plight of people and animals caught up in the bush fires in Australia and also pray that the podcaster Arron and family from “Craps Journey” which is recorded in coastal Australia has escaped these dangers.

Part 3  News Nuggets: Casinos USA presents 5 news items of interest to casino goers around the USA.

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Episode # 78 South End of the Strip is Hip

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Today’s Podcast

1. Coach Fav and Janie present the many benefits that the Casino Resorts in the south end of the Las Vegas Strip offer visitors to Las Vegas.

2. Craps Talk today presents the explanation of True Odds vs the odds that PLACE BETS pay. We will teach you exactly how true odds are determined. Smart Craps Strategies do not encourage making place bets; however, there is one important advantage of a craps place bet over a pass line bet or a come bet.  The advantage is that the player can turn the place bets off or request that the dealer takes them down. So I place two numbers. If I get one hit, I tell the dealer to turn them off. (She places an “off button” on one of them.). So I have locked up my place bet win(s) and have no further risk of losing money on my place bets. This system of going “off and on” on place bets protects the players from the math of the game that tells us that it is most likely that a 7 will roll every 6 or 7 rolls. Ouch!  Yes, I might win less by going off and one, but I will lose less also. That is a certainty.  

3. Casinos USA will most likely not be going to Las Vegas this summer. Rather we will be on the road visiting casinos outside of Las Vegas. We do plan to be in Reno in September followed by a 3 or 4 day stay in Las Vegas. So we will give our listeners definite dates later, but we do expect to be in Las Vegas in September. We will also be presenting our summer travel schedule so we hopefully can meet up with our podcast listeners at a casino this summer.

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Episode # 77 Sports Betting and the Mayo Clinic

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Coming home from a hip replacement requires some help the first few days following the operation. Because I was homebound for a month, I spent a lot of time with my new sports app, After amazing success in college and NFL football wagers, I got so excited that I began to worry that I was getting addicted to sports betting. 

Part I

Advantages of a legal sports betting app is convenience and extremely low minimums. I bet on college and NFL football, NASCAR, and Hockey. In thinking about my “excessive  excitement,” I came across a bulletin from the Mayo Clinic that I want to share with you regarding the Mayo Clinic’s Danger Signs (symptoms) of an emerging gambling addiction. Check yourself as I did paying attention to my own feelings of excitement.

Part II

Rather Personal: We use very little or no profanity in our shows. No dark, deep vulgarity from us. We do not glorify intoxication. It’s a fools game. Drunks at a craps table are disgusting. We are aware that some people are trying to avoid drinking so we do not talk as if that drinking 0is something that one should do. We have great credibility regarding Las Vegas because we have family living there, and a grandson who is a dealer on the Strip. Our podcasts tell of our many travels to casino resorts around the country. Casino 

to Casino trips are our thing and we enjoy attractions outside of the resorts.

Part III

Five Star recruits make the difference at Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson.  Sure, coaching figures into the mix, but recruiting the best high school football players in the nation is what these four teams have done so successfully the past four seasons. Three of them will battle for the National Championship this season.

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Episode # 76 Four Most Expensive Vegas Casino Resorts

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1. If asked, what is the most expensive Vegas casino resort ever, I might have answered the Bellagio, the Aria, or the Cosmopolitan. I would be wrong, of course.  A mega resort being built in the Northern part of the Las Vegas Strip (surprisingly?) on land once occupied by the Stardust has recently increased it totality of costs in building to 4.3 billion, which will make this new construction  the most expensive casino property ever in the history of Las Vegas. It is called the Resorts World Las Vegas. The parent company is the Malaysia-based Genting Group. The resort will open sometime in 2021. The president of Resorts World is the former MGM executive Scott Sibella. Scott was the chief operating officer and president of the MGM GRAND for 8 years.  No rookies are leading this project.

Top Four Most Expensive Vegas Casinos

Resorts World …. 4.3 billion

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas completed in 2010 4.18 billion

Wynn Las Vegas 3.26 billion

Bellagio 2.3 billion

2. Video Poker’s problem hands for me

3. How to play craps with the right frame of mind, our best advice for all levels of craps players.

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Episode # 75 Do You Want to Buy a Las Vegas Casino?

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1. Rumor has it that Penn National operators of the Tropicana are quietly seeking buy offers. M-Life has sold Circus-Circus to Phil Ruffin who has a Net Worth of 2.91 Billion. 

Golden Entertainment recently purchased the Stratosphere, rebranded it The Strat and put 90 million dollars into upgrades inside and outside of the property. Eldorado Resorts merged with Caesar’s Entertainment in a cash and stock deal worth about 17.3 billion dollars. They also made the assumption of Caesar’s debt. The Rio has also been sold.  How much does it cost to buy a Strip casino. Prices begin at 850 million and into the billions of dollars.  The Las Vegas Strip continues to reinvent itself so it seemingly never gets old. It’s continual change and growth is an amazing story for certain.

2. A West Coast caller asks if Coach Fav bets with progressive strategies or regressive strategies. A great question. As a general rule, gamblers should bet more when ahead and less when behind.  To do otherwise is called, “chasing loses” and can be dangerous. Yet occasionally chasing loses works. In craps, I often make my largest bets first as soon as I get my chips and get into the game. I do this for comp power. Then I regress as my play continues because the average length of a shooters roll is only 8 throws of the dice. Just 8! Coach Fav goes on to explain in detail how to press and parlay and when to go off.


3. Sports Betting Apps are addictive for most college and NFL football fans.  Here’s how we have been doing.

Thanks for listening to Casinos USA PodcastsEps

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Episode # 74 Dark Side Craps 28

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Dark Side 28 is a Craps Don’t Pass Line Strategy that Casinos USA employed successfully during the month of October at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Not only did we win money our room comps for future stays were expanded from two days to four with other benefits provided.

Casinos USA reacts to a recent poll taken via 10Best Readers Choice Awards listing according to readers.  We do not agree with every selection made. Yet we present and review the listings.

1. The D Las Vegas

2. The STRAT Hotel and Casino

3. Golden Nugget Las Vegas

4. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Resort

5. The Venetian & The Palazzo

6. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

7. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

8. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

9. Belliagio Las Vegas

10. M Resort Spa Casino 

Closing thoughts regarding our Hip Replacement Surgery and Craps.

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Episode # 73 88 Degrees, Too Cold to Swim

Casinos USA’s 73rd podcast is filled with a variety of audio clips created on site during our recent 7 day trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The title of the podcast is taken by comments spoken by a Nevada native who felt that 88 degrees was too cold to swim. That struck us as funny because in Western Pennsylvania, 88 degrees is a heatwave; in fact, our area may have just a few days in the 90’s, if any, during the summer months.  

The  Reno experiences are recaptured with summaries by Coach Fav as he details the excitement of visiting a new city, new casinos and exploring the University of Nevada Reno. 

Gamblers should know that the Video Poker machines with high payback numbers abound in Reno, Nevada casinos. Many experts consider Reno to be one of the best casino venues in the country to play video poker.  We had great action in four casinos in Reno playing video poker. So for us, the experts are right.

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