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Episode # 59 Youtube Success for Casinos USA


1. Coach Fav Explains what a YouTube Premier is and what happened the evening of 

March 5, 2019 – a live test of our Deal or NoDeal Craps betting system by Jeremy Elerick of “Color Up.”

2. We replay a phone call to our voicemail from a California gambler (John) regarding his views of Dice Control. We generally agree with the caller but with some exception.

3. Coach Fav’s High Roller Anxiety is revealed and the meaning of a negative expectation game explained —”You can leave the game but the game never ends.” Consequently,

the longer one plays, the casino wins in the end as odds are stacked on their side.

4.  Check-In trouble at the Luxor results in a free upgraded suite

5.  Janie highlights the Rugby Sevens Parade of Nations Rally featuring 200 athletes from 16 Nations; in addition, also she describes the Nascar Arrival Parade in Las Vegas. 

6.  Janie goes on an extended description of the shopping, dining, and entertainment at the

Linq Courtyard where the High Roller (Big Wheel) is. A day of fun for us.

7.  The appeal of free slot play takes Janie and Coach Fav to Fremont Street where Janie has organized the day around free slot play coupons. Our free slot play and match play coupons are from the Rewards Book associated with a subscription to the Las Vegas Advisor Newsletter by Anthony Curtis and the American Casino Guide.

Both of these “coupon” items are well worth the money, simply amazing deals.

8.  MS Kondo’s (author of “Tidy Up”) method of folding and storing clothes “sparked joy” with Coach Fav as he now takes a much smaller suitcase to Las Vegas, packed the Condo way.

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Episode # 58 Sparking Joy, Japanese Metaphysics, and Casino Travels

from Western Pennsylvania on February 21, 2019

Title: “Sparking Joy, Japanese Metaphysics, and Casino Travels”

Part I. We play and respond to a phone call from a craps “high roller” in Colorado.

Coach Fav responds to caller’s concerns and explains the mystery of why his book on craps play is no longer available. Does Coach Fav acknowledge a second book is being written? Our focus on low roller play is tied to Coach Fav’s concern about gambling getting our of hand and hurting marriages and families. Yet, if one can truly afford to bet big, the limit of your bets is up to you without any negative judgement from us. 

Part II: In this segment we Share our story fun times with Janie at Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland. A new expressway out of Somerset, Pennsylvania shortens our trip by 30 minutes.  Yea, Man!  Just a two hour drive now. Details and outcomes of the games played by Coach Fav at Rocky Gap are presented

Part III: 

1. Janie explains who Marie Kondo is and that her message is sweeping the country. 

2. Coach Fav defines her Japanese Metaphysics with respect and admiration. 

3. Janie and Coach Fav embrace the significance of “sparking joy” in one’s life.

4. A review of how the packing for flights to Las Vegas have been changed by these values.

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Episode # 57 Three Card Poker Explosion


Part 1  February Q and A  Craps Talk

1. (craps) Hard number Parleys

2. (craps) Playing the Don’t Pass.  Our Deal or No Deal System – most enjoyable for me

3. (craps) Playing the Pass Line  with the 6-4 dice set and other favorites

4. (craps) Careful Dice Setters Take me to the Pass Line

5. Crap Superstitions I most often embrace

Part 2  Explosion of 3 Card Poker

The casino variety of Three Card Poker was first created by Derek Webb in 1994 and patented in 1997. Webb tried to get the correct mix of three important factors for any casino game: 

1.  the game rules were easy to understand, 

2. the payouts were large enough to attract players

3. the house edge was enough that casino owners would be interested in adopting the game.


Part 3  Booked February Casino Visits

Rocky Gap on February 7

Las Vegas Bally’s and Luxor February 25-March 1

Be happy to have a beer with you. Find me, wearing Notre Dame Attire, playing craps.

Part 4 Super Bowl Follow-up Discussion between Janie and Coach Fav

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Episode # 56 Deal or No Deal

Opening of Season Six  January 24, 2019

A. $5  is the smallest amount of money accepted for sports bets at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh This casino is now has more people space in the sports book which can now seat 98 with chairs and tables combined (fills up quickly)


Caution: Baby Sitting Services in Las Vegas have specific rules. Check with the concierge in the LV Strip hotel where you are staying. Do this before you go to Las Vegas.



1. $5 on the Pass Line $5 on the Don’t Pass Line on the Come-Out roll

2. $30 odds on the Don’t Pass

3. If the established point is not a 6 or 8, place them for $6 each and keep them up for two hits; then take them down. Make your own decision on this.


4. If the established point is a 6 or 8 make another choice: Deal or No Deal. Either put odds behind the pass line and lift the Don’t Pass Bet and odds or not.  Again, playing the 6 or 8 from the pass line is Deal or No Deal – Your choice.  Remember that a Don’t Pass bet can be lifted. A pass line bet cannot. Any odds bet can be lifted from either line.                         

C. Caller from Utah wants Casinos USA’s thinking on hardware parleys

D. Janie reviews an article from

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Episode # 55 Never Fight A Streak

Part 1: Never fight a winning or losing streak thinking that the opposite bet is due when the outcome is pretty much one or the other -for example, red or black bets in Roulette.   Things are never due; thinking that way is called the “Gamblers Fallacy.”    In Baccarat Banker and Player bets fall into this category as does Pass line or Don’t Pass Line in Craps.  Things would even out after thousands and thousands of plays, but that is not happening in the short term. Famous Craps player Jimmy the Greek felt that it was wise to stop betting rather than fight a streak.  In his case, he only played the Don’t Pass Line. If a hot shooter was beating him, he would just stop betting until that bettor lost rather than fight it by continuing to bet against the shooter. We suggest “jumping on a steak” as we did with 8 yo’s in a row (11’s) at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.  Coach Fav has made the mistake of fighting a streak in the past and now has wised up. Why keep betting the same way if you are losing? Join the parade while it lasts. Don’t fight a streak – jump on it.

Part 2: Sports Betting in Pittsburgh is now legal at The Rivers Casino, which is close to PNC Park (Home of the Pirates) and Heinz Field (Home of the Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh (Football Teams).

Part 3: Craps Talk – 6-4 Dice Set still hot for Coach Fav.  Keep setting this until it hurts me…

Part 4: Explaining the Spread Bets and Money Line bets in Sports Betting… No right or wrong here.

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Episode # 54 Part II of Uptown Funk, Downtown Grand

Call Casinos USA’s voicemail at 1—724-519-4556 to comment or ask a question. 1.  Closing up at Bally’s:  Bronx Wanderers talented, Checkout by email. Don’t forget the Avenue shops and fast food outlets downstairs at Bally’s and the inside walkway to the Paris Casino. The escalator down is right beside Bucco de Pepo. 2.  Received a message on my Mlife App that our room was ready at the Luxor.  East Tower renovations. In our view East Tower rooms are superior to staying the Pyramid. Bottom en trance right beside the registration area Starbucks and Boarding Pass Computers and Printers 2.  Walk or take a tram to Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, then a walk to New York, New York, in the Park at Park MGM and to TMobile Arena. Shops on walkways.  Not so bad. 3.  Janie considers how the Professional Hockey Team, The Golden Knights has changed Las Vegas and what she expects with the arrival of the Raiders and NFL Football. The Raiders Stadium is 30% completed and scheduled to be open by July of 2020. UNLV has a football game scheduled for the new stadium in August of 2020. 4. Breakfast at the 4 Queens Magnoliz Room on a BOGO Coupon.  Played up and down Fremont on match play and free play coupons.  Hit gold when we went to the Downthown Grand. Right click here to download

Episode # 53 Uptown Funk, Downtown Grand

1.  Sharing Experiences Staying at Bally’s 4 Nights and the Luxor 4 nights

2.  Why go to Las Vegas in November?  Many Advantages but increasing comps the best… 

3.  LV Temperatures 63-69 degrees and Sunny all of Thanksgiving Week

4.  Breakfast for six upon our arrival from the airport at the Peppermill Lounge was super

5.  Early Check-in at Bally’s via computer stations simple as can be

6.  Afternoon win at Bally’s $10 craps table while low rolling with 3-2-2 (not 1) odds

7.  Bally’s new Lobby Bar large and impressive (Janie agrees).

8.  Coach Fav wins $180 Bally’s Sports Book on an over bet (63.5) LA Rams vs KC. 105    points scored! Thanks to Geoff for this call.

9.  “Narcy at the Ellis Island Players Club is so helpful, sweet, and kind,” says Janie.

Janie goes on to win some nice money from slot play and also qualifies for a free pumpkin pie and other treats.

10. Janie explains how she kept daily food costs down with coupons with plenty of Bogos 

11.  Lounge Entertainers at Ellis Island reminds Coach Fav of a song (Tulsa Time) one of his college roomates at Notre Dame sang the entire Freshmen year.

12. Lunch at the Cosmopolitan’s “The Henry” restaurant great and worth the $55 

13. Coach Fav almost loses his shirt (down $1400) at the Bellagio while playing smart craps at a $25 table with $100 in odds on pass line bets and two of his come bets, but he is saved from total disaster by one hot shooter. Learned that $375 often on the table is too much of a gamble (for me) so early in the week. Close call. Lesson Learned.

14. A now careful (after Bellagio) Coach Fav uses a 6-8 place bet strategy, pressing once ($10 table) and coming down after 4 hits during the final 2 days of craps play at Bally’s and departs our four day stay with more than $600 from 7 hours of craps play. Sweet!

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Episode # 52 Dice Control- Yes, No, Maybe

 Zach Bagan’s Haunted Museum, 600 E. Charleston, Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104   90 minute tour – Ticket Price $44  Phone: 702-444-0744

Part I: Craps Talk: Paying for Dice Control training with hands-on instruction is an expensive purchase. Is Dice Control Possible? Is the training worth the cost? Does the setting of dice and a proper throwing technique give one an advantage over the house edge in casino craps?  Our answers follow: Watch for this: Dice Control instructors create a variety of throwing components and blame failure to execute the motion correctly the cause of 7-outs. Yet, the longest recorded shoot (2009 in Atlantic City) was not from Dice Control. So why has not a  Dice Control shooter broken this record? Casino USA believes in Dice Tendencies as a result of setting dice. Certain dice sets seem to bring about certain numbers more than not.  We do not believe that a shooter can control Dice more than two consecutive rolls if the dice hit the back wall. However strange, we do admit that we are more confident when we see a shooter set dice and establish a throwing rhythm. Let’s not argue about it. For us, it’s about tendencies of numbers occurring not control. Dice Sets create number tendencies. Control, if real, is limited to a roll or two and extremely rare. 

Part II: Inside Casinos USA: Who and What is Casinos USA? Coach Fav explains what our purpose and mission is all about:  Enjoying casino resorts …

Part III: Las Vegas for Grownups: Janie and Coach Fav review essential items that should be completed before one departs for an extended vacation thousands of miles away from home. Listeners may find  information in our essential tasks list. Finally, Janie tells the story of a friend who recently won a $1,000 on a Quick Hit slot machine at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.  Next Podcast December 6, 2018.  Call our voicemail at 724-519-4556.  

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Episode # 51 Electronic Crack

Part 1. There are over 100 million visitors in total to America’s casinos year in and out; in fact, nearly half of these visitors are age 50 or older. Many specialist who treat compulsive gamblers believe that has many as 4 million boomers have a gambling problem as casinos seem to offer Boomers an escape from loneliness and even grief.  This makes the addiction all the more powerful. The Indian Regulatory Gaming Act in 1988 started the casino boom in America. Think about the Thin Ice Analogy. Play Hit and Run, remembering that your competitive personality can work against your own reasoning in that you keep playing beyond your loss limit while you create great Debt from gambling while insanely chasing losses

Part II The Top 7 Gaming Companies with casinos in America are discussed.

A. Las Vegas Sands Corp., B. MGM International (M-LIfe), C. Caesars Entertainment (Total Rewards), D. Wynn International, E. Boyd Gaming, F. Penn National, G. Pinnacle


Part II Extended: Craps Talk: Learning the Don’t Pass plays, often called the Dark Side of Craps, is important in grasping a totality of understanding in craps betting whether one plays from the Don’t Pass Line or not.

Part III Janie, who sets the daily agenda for Casinos USA while on casino trips, discusses some of her vacation priorities during Thanksgiving week 2018 in Las Vegas.

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Episode # 50 Own the Table?

Part 1.  Coach Fav gives his explanation of what “own the table” means and gives advice for pass line players on what it takes to own the table.  How? Secure more money with place bets than you have on the pass line and odds bet behind it.  When that happens, go “off” on the place bets. So now you assured of a profit even if the shooter 7’s out not making the established point.  If the point is made, you win the place bets and the line bet with odds.  Either way, you own the table. Sure, bet higher on a hot table.  Yet Coach Fav exposes the problem with high full odds (100X) that puts your bankroll at great risk.  Is it worth it to expose yourself to possible losses that can reach thousands of dollars? Your Call, but we enjoy the game as low rollers and enjoy it just as much.

Part II.  We talk about Blackjack mistakes that one can make.  Be careful and enjoy the game, but do your best to do things correctly:

a. Stay away from 6-5 Blackjack unless you are at a $1 table.

b. Communicate with the dealer by hand signals, not by voice.

c. Learn and play Basic Strategy for Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the best games in the casino when played correctly.  The house edge is below 1% when basic strategy is played perfectly. 

d. Don’t play where the table uses a continuous card shuffle machine if you count cards.

f. Never touch your bet chips once the cards are dealt.  This is a felony offense in Nevada if the casino decides you are adding or taking away chips when your fingers touch your original bet.

Part III. Janie’s favorite Las Vegas restaurants are discussed.  Great inexpensive food!

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