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Episode # 74 Dark Side Craps 28

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Dark Side 28 is a Craps Don’t Pass Line Strategy that Casinos USA employed successfully during the month of October at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Not only did we win money our room comps for future stays were expanded from two days to four with other benefits provided.

Casinos USA reacts to a recent poll taken via 10Best Readers Choice Awards listing according to readers.  We do not agree with every selection made. Yet we present and review the listings.

1. The D Las Vegas

2. The STRAT Hotel and Casino

3. Golden Nugget Las Vegas

4. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Resort

5. The Venetian & The Palazzo

6. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

7. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

8. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

9. Belliagio Las Vegas

10. M Resort Spa Casino 

Closing thoughts regarding our Hip Replacement Surgery and Craps.

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Episode # 73 88 Degrees, Too Cold to Swim

Casinos USA’s 73rd podcast is filled with a variety of audio clips created on site during our recent 7 day trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The title of the podcast is taken by comments spoken by a Nevada native who felt that 88 degrees was too cold to swim. That struck us as funny because in Western Pennsylvania, 88 degrees is a heatwave; in fact, our area may have just a few days in the 90’s, if any, during the summer months.  

The  Reno experiences are recaptured with summaries by Coach Fav as he details the excitement of visiting a new city, new casinos and exploring the University of Nevada Reno. 

Gamblers should know that the Video Poker machines with high payback numbers abound in Reno, Nevada casinos. Many experts consider Reno to be one of the best casino venues in the country to play video poker.  We had great action in four casinos in Reno playing video poker. So for us, the experts are right.

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Episode # 72 Lock It Down or Give It Back

CHP 1. When do you stop gambling and lock down your wins? .. Pizza oven analogy and the Gambler’s Lament. Take the winning voucher out of the machine and put in in your purse and wallet. Then use hard cash to play just a bit more. Winning early makes it harder to stop playing. Remind yourself how upset you will be if you give most of your winnings or all of your winnings back to the casino by continuing to play. Casinos USA has Vegas credibility with family in Las Vegas and a young Blackjack grandson at the Strat.  To be a winner one needs discipline – SELF DISCIPLINE. Lock it down before you give it all back!

CHP 2. Are you pretty good at what you do? How about the people who claim to be professional scouts in selecting talented high school athletes? Wow, do they miss at times with so many great players forced to walk on because they were not offered an athletic scholarship. Here’s the amazing stories of walk on Chris Fink at Notre Dame and walk on Brandon Talton of the University of Nevada Reno (UNR). I bet Michigan State and the LA Rams both wish they had a field goal kicker as good as Brandon Talton. Some people are just not as good as they think they are in evaluating talent. We on the other hand believe that we are good at what we do on our Casinos USA’s podcast in making them entertaining and informative at the same time.

CHP 3. Craps Segment: The one thing that one can do in craps to become a better craps player and more successful is LEARN TO GO OFF AND ON. The math behind this betting strategy is examined, and it is very difficult to challenge.

CHP 4. The Millennial Makeover of Las Vegas continues at full speed. Janie and Coach Fav discuss the reality as Las Vegas continues to reinvent itself. Millennials are young people who are reaching adulthood in the early years of the 21st century. RIGHT NOW! We welcome the changes that they are demanding in Las Vegas.


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“Talkin about My Generation” by THE WHO.

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Episode # 71 Smart Phone Sports Betting Apps .. Crazy Fun

1.  Janie discusses reviewing your own criteria to make a decision on reserving rooms at a casino resort, which one?  This is what she considers. What are your needs?

a. Proximity to your home or a family or friend that you are visiting.

b. Destination Vacation Plan

c. How often do you go there? If first time visit, do your research before you reserve.

d. Safety of the location of the casino is always a consideration.

e. Hotel, clean, attractive rooms, staff, registration process, security personnel 

f. Food options are a big consideration

g. Venue in a city or small town area, even a rural area?

h. Amazing Blue Chip in Michigan City, Indiana or something similar in another state

i.  Entertainment possibilities, Can you get comped tickets? 

j. Does the casino have a sports book?

K. Pools, Pools, Pools….. indoor and/or outdoor

L. Does the casino have its own horse racetrack 

M. In Las Vegas, do you choose the Strip or Fremont hotels?

N. Even comp room offers require a decision

2. Sports Apps, Crazy Fun

a. How do Money Line bets work? Coach Fav explains it all.

b. Geolocator determines if you are a legal bettor online by your location

3. Craps Talk explains Don’t Pass Line Odds

a. Be flexible by learning how to bet from the Don’t Pass

4. Latest Stats from the Nevada Gaming Control Board

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Episode # 70 $375,000 Win at McCarran International Airport

Part I: How many of the “experts” tell us never to gamble at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas – “machines have low payout rates,” they say. “Save your money because you will never win,” they warn us.  That’s what I have read from a dozen or so sources of Vegas the so called Gambling Experts. Despite this wisdom a young man from Western Pennsylvania won that $375,000 have spending  but $3 on a Max bet on a  dollar machine.  His one max bet paid off SO BIG. Good for him and I recently met his mother who is one of the happiest nurses that I know. I love telling this story because the winner lives in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, just 24 miles from our front door. Yea, Man! This is another reason I always spend $20 on the Airport slots when flying back to Pittsburgh from a Las Vegas stay.  

Part II. Mini Casino coming to Westmoreland Mall in the building previously owned by a clothing store, now defunct. Wow. The proliferation of casinos in the United States is not over yet. For us, it means we have another nearby opportunity for a casino experience: The Rivers in Pittsburgh, The Meadows near Washington, Pa, Lady Luck in Farmington, Pa, and now the soon to be built casino in Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield Two, Pa.  

Part III.  Rocky Gap with Jerry and Elaine Day 1. Crab Cakes, Fire Pits, and Gambling.

Rocky Gap Day 2 with Geoff: Swimming at the beach, Swimming in the indoor pool with a sliding roof open to the sky on a 90 degree sunny day. Dinner at Signatures. Later it was craps and blackjack. 

Part IV. Coach Fav gives a very important tip in Craps Talk about coming to a craps table with a hot roll going on. Here’s how to get in without bothering the shooter.  IMPORTANT.

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Episode # 69 Casino Dangers


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1. Coach Fav considers the TripAdvisor Reviews List of the Top 50 Casinos in the United States determined by comparing a venue’s 5 Star Reviews as compared to the entirety of the casino’s total reviews.

2. To see TripAdvisor’s entire Top 50 join our Facebook Group: Casinos USA

3. Discussing major Casino Dangers:

a. Fires 

b. Street Crime, Parking Garage Crime, Crimes inside the casino or hotel

c. Accepting a drink from a new acquaintance that is “loaded.” Do not be so trustful.

d. General intoxication may make your judgement so hazy so that you cannot defend 

  yourself or even think logically.

e. Losing all your money the first few hours or the first day you are in Las Vegas is a    fast way to ruin your vacation

f. Protect yourself from the sun. Always use sunscreen and be careful of too much     sun.

4.   In Craps Talk Coach Fav reviews the specifics of a 45-minute session of craps at the Lady Luck Casino on the grounds of the 5 Star Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a resort of more than 2,000 acres in Farmington, Pennsylvania. This craps game occurred during the 3 Amigos Reunion held recently at the same venue.  We learn that Churchill Downs is now managing the Lady Luck Casino and as such have eliminated the previous $10 admission charge.  TripAdvisor ranks Lady Luck Casino at Nemacolin as the 7th best casino venue in the country (by 5 star review percentages).

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Episode # 68 You Ain’t Dead Until…

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     Introduction – Large Digital Audience today- Store is Closing in Five Minutes

1. Overview of Casino Road Trip to Southern Indiana Casino Riverboats, 2 nights at The Belterra Casino Resort and 1 night at the Rising Star Casino Resort 

2. Coach Fav plays craps with Andrew, a Casinos USA podcasts listener from Kentucky. Nonetheless Day 1 was a losing effort in the game of craps. The complete title of the podcast is revealed, a quote alleged to be by Jimmy the Greek, ” You Ain’t Dead Until Your Ass is Cold.” Which means one craps episode can be negative and the next one could be great. Craps can turn from a cold table to a hot table at anytime.

3. Janie has Coach Fav at the  Belterra pool so early that we are the only ones there. The pool empty of guests was perfect for her power swim. Three hours later pool side, we shared an amazingly great club sandwich. Three hours of sun were enough and the crowd was back. 

4. So Coach Fav gets to the craps table early afternoon, earlier than expected.  Details of the game’s outcomes reviewed. 

Make All Small: 2–3-4-5-6      Make All Tall: 8-9-10-11-12     Make Them All (all 10) 

Coach Fav makes THEM ALL.  His Dice Set is the “6-4.”

Coach Fav meets 5 more listeners on Day 2 and three of them won big money on his roll as they went $15 across, $5 on each bet of the Make Them’s.  Coach Fav offers a way around the River Road detour if traveling to Rising Sun as the River Road is now under construction and the detour from the road is time consuming. So I present the way the natives are going back and forth from The Belterra to the Rising Star: Use the Markleland Pike and then Route 56 East. to begin this route from The Belterra, turn left toward Vevay as you are coming out of the Belterra hotel or parking areas. Do not turn right to Rising Sun. Again turn left toward Vevay. A few miles toward Vevay, take Markleland Pike to 56E through Aberdeen and follow 56 down again to the River and you are only two miles from the town of Rising Sun and the Rising Star Casino. Such an easy drive. Use this route. A Belterra bartender gave us this local way to Rising Sun.

5. In Part 2 today, we review the awesome Video Poker that we enjoyed during all three days of our trip – How about 4 fours (Four of a Kind) back to back on a progressive machine betting max! Coach Fav gives a couple of VP tips borrowed from  Jean Scott’s THE FRUGAL GAMBLER CASINO GUIDE. 

6. In Part 3 of this podcast Coach Fav explains his excitement regarding an upcoming reunion at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, a 5 star resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, which is about an hour and a half minute drive from his home.  The resort has a small casino called “Lady Luck” on the 2,000 acre plus property. There he will meet with Scott, Chris, and Nick.  These three men encouraged Coach Fav to start Casinos USA.  So if you are at Lady Luck and you hear some yelling and laughter from a group of four men, come on over and say, “hello.”  We would love to meet you. 

7. In Part 4, Janie explains her “obscure slot machine searches.”  Her tip is enjoying slots without spending a lot of money. Listen to how she does it.

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Episode # 67 Summer Reports from LV and AC

Welcome to our 7th Season and our 67th podcast.

1. Jill talks about the Park MGM’s Eataly (Italian Food Marketplace), which she loves and enjoys on her visit to a recent Aerosmith Concert (Sensational) at the MGM Park venue.  

2. “Keno Nick” gives a positive report from Bally’s in Atlantic City and the HardRock casino now refurbished and renewed. Nick says AC is jumping and the weather is great.

3. Coach Fav reviews how his “Parade of Junk Bets,” many of the worst bets in craps, paid off big time as he broke into the $1,000 win barrier at Rocky Gap Casino’s tables in June.  Hop the reds on a stick change, play the hard ways and take them up as place bets payoff, chase crap numbers, hop the hard ways on the come-out rolls. All of these junk bets came through for Coach Fav. Don’t be afraid to try these junk bets that the experts say to avoid.  Sometimes, as Coach Fav proves, they are the best bets on the table. 

4. Coach Fav gives the details of his 64 dice set.  It has been very effective this summer.

5. Casinos USA will be playing Craps at the Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, Indiana on Sunday evening July 14.  We will also be visiting the Rising Star Casino on the evening of July 18. Please feel welcome to play with us or just say, “hello.” We want to meet our listeners.

6. Sport Book apps are now legal in Pennsylvania and are designed for smart phones and desk top computes. They are legal only when the user is in Pennsylvania. Coach Fav focuses on the application from The Rivers Casino on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.  He considers some of the ins and outs of betting by using a legal app.

7. California earthquakes rattle Nevada – frightening thousands on the Strip and nearby communities. Let’s pray that the after shocks finally end.

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Episode # 66 Las Vegas Marijuana Lounges

OPENING MONOLOGUE: A new law, created by the Las Vegas local government regarding marijuana lounges, officially passes; however, it’s not exactly what people were hoping for – at least for the next year. Nonetheless, marijuani lounges in LV are now legal with important restrictions.

ANECDOTE: A local Catholic church has a tour group going to a famous chapel, then after that visit a group lunch at a nearby club, all regular things. Next, those on the tour have a choice, spend the next hours at a science museum or a CASINO. If you choose the casino, you get $10 in free slot play.  This strange combo of religion and casino gambling demonstrates how mainstream casinos have become in the 41 states that have legalized casino gambling. How about that!  Who knew?


Monopoly Craps

Think of the point numbers as streets and avenues. 4th, 5th 9th 10th streets, 6th and 8th avenues. The table is your town. We suggest placing 5th street and 6th and 8th avenues to begin the game. Here’s the sequence to follow.

Step 1  Buy a property or more on any street or avenue by placing it (a point number).

Step 2  Collect the rent when the dice land on this property that you bought (placed).

Step 3  Improve the property by pressing it 1 unit or buy more properties with the winnings until all streets are covered. 

OPTION A:  Use the field to help you do this a little faster if you own property on  5th street and 6th and 8th avenues.

Step 4 Collect the rents, then press or buy more properties. 

Step 5 Keep Repeating step 3

Step 6    When you reach your “personal” hotel level just collect without improving this property anymore. Again when you stop “improving properties” you own a hotel.

OPTION B: Once all the streets and avenues are owned (point numbers), collect rents and improve by pressing until you want to take a break by taking some time “off.” Tell the dealer which numbers are off.

DETAIL: Remember that your Hotel is the maximum amount of money that you want to invest on any street or avenue.. Say it’s $50 or $60 on one street or avenue. At your call, take your other selected properties off of the market by getting an “off button” for them 

OPTION C: When you want to wait for a new shooter, You can also take the hotels off and wait for a new vacation season (new shooter). 

Have fun – you are playing “MONOPOLY CRAPS.’  In Monopoly Craps as with any strategy  the investor can also go bankrupt just like the board game so play wisely.  

An iconic Pittsburgh sandwich comes to Las Vegas. The details are provided.

Jean Scott’s recent book (2017), The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide is briefly discussed.

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Episode # 65 McCarran LV Marijuana Search

Casinos USA’s 24/7 Voicemail: 1-724-519-4556:

Nashville caller provides needed information on the gaming options in or near Reno, Nevada- “The Biggest Little City in the World” and the home of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

Jeremy Elerick of Color Up has a big announcement played on our podcast for those who enjoy his craps videos on YouTube. Casinos USA’s 3-2-1 craps betting strategy surpasses 100,000 YouTube views on  Color Up in just 8 months. Our Deal or NoDeal strategy goes over 14,000 views in 2 months. Big News: Jeremy wants to meet and play craps beginning in June with his Color Up subscribers and YouTube Color Up viewers at a casino just outside of Denver, Colorado.  Get the details from his message. We are happy to learn that Jeremy is increasing his high quality craps videos to twice a week. Great to hear!

Coach Fav provides the details of how Janie and he were required to go through a random marijuana search before departing Las Vegas for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By Clark County law, possession of recreational marijuana is illegal at this airport. Be careful. Be Warned.

In Craps Talk today – Coach Fav Explains How All Craps Strategies and Betting Systems Work and the big “IF” that is required to make them work. Also Coach Fav plays two strategies and at the end comes out a loser and his 2 month winning streak ends.  Nonetheless, Janie comes through on Slots winnings and the podcast pair goes home ahead for the fourth straight visit to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland. Perhaps our listeners may glean some ideas from his experience with two rather rare strategies that this time did not “bring home the bacon.” One has the potential to win a ton on a hot table.

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