Episode # 151 Craps Fraud – YouTuber Lies


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Show Notes:

In this all craps episode, Coach Fav takes on a craps controversy that seems as polarizing as national politics; that is, is craps a game of chance or a game of skill? – Are there actual professional craps players such as in poker, blackjack, and sports betting? – Is dice control real?

Coach Fav speaks the truth and shares the casinos’ views of craps based on discussions with craps dealers all across America, and the reality of the math of the game. Be sure to challenge what he says in this podcast yourself by researching – not by YouTube videos.  Coach Fav loves craps. He is just had it with the snake oil salesmen who have too big of an influence. Always remember, “The Back Wall Makes the Call.”

Still, I set dice because I believe that certain sets generate specific numbers quite often. However, I also believe that one of the numbers is ALWAYS A 7 regardless of what my set is.  It’s simple to understand; there are more ways to make a 7 than another number.

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