Episode # 143 Inflation and Gambling

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Show Notes:

Coach Fav gives a factual third quarter financial report on the casino industry in America. The results, despite the inflationary pressures on all of us, are stunning. Inflation and Gambling  oddly has created the best period ever for American casinos. Who knew? Record Revenues!

Using Your Comps: Coach Fav explains how to use room comps in a creative way by overlapping your comp days to use to your advantage and actually save money. He goes on to list some common mistakes made with slot play and table game play than can cost you money.

A room issue that occurs so often that is upsetting for guests once they are in their hotel room is to realize that there is not a safe or a fridge in the room you booked.  Call down to the desk and say that you need a fridge. “OK. It ‘s $30 a day. We will have one brought up to you shortly,” the desk responds.  Ouch! Coach Fav explains how taking care of these issues before a room is booked assures that you will get one when you do make your booking;that is, by booking a room that comes with a safe and a fridge. Although inflation may not be hurting casinos, it is hurting nearly all of us, so taking care to get what you want actually may you have a much more enjoyable stay.

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