Episode # 142 Allegiant Stadium’s M Resort VIP Suite

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Show Notes;

Introduction: Relax when you are gambling, have fun playing.  Please do not assume that anyone who bets much more than you on any table games actually knows much more than you do about the game you are playing. Don’t worry about being a low roller. Play at a level that is comfortable. No one wants to lose, but there is no certainty that you will win, so play with money that you can afford to lose. Otherwise, do not gamble in a casino if you cannot afford to lose money.  The biggest lesson is to quit when you are ahead. It might be the toughest thing to do in a casino, but it’s the only way to beat the casino.

Allegiant Stadium

Our feature is the focus on M Resort’s VIP suite at Allegiant Stadium. Janie and Coach Fav tell the story of their experience of being guests in this fantastic suite for the recent Notre Dame-BYU football game.  What a way to live to watch a football game!

Craps Talk

Remember these numbers: 15-6. Coach Fav goes after the come out roll, putting $15 on the pass line and $6 on 3-way craps, which makes him a winner if a 7,11 or 2,3,12 hits. This hedge may not be mathematically sound in the long haul, but often winning consecutive or more come out rolls occurs. So when a 7 hits, he then hops the 7’s in the following come out for 3 dollars and keeps doing that if another 7 hits. If the 2 or 12 hits he presses the 3-way bet by $6. If a 3 rolls, he presses the 3-way bet by $3. Sometimes he makes hundreds just on the come out. Generally speaking, 30% of craps games end on the come out roll. It is so common to get 3 rolls of a 7 and two rolls of craps numbers every time coach plays. 

Coach Fav agrees that big money odds behind the pass line really elevates risk, so he generally plays $20 behind the pass line and has no problem with those who simply make place bets. Playing 50 or 100 x odds is for a select few. I am not one of them. I am not going to risk 500 dollars on making the established point. Yet do not forget how playing both the 7-11’s and the 2,3,12 on the come out roll can turn into a big dollar win if they hit in consecutive rolls and more. I walk away from the table a winner playing this way more so than not. That’s a fact. Sure I lose at times. That’s a fact too.

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