Episode # 149 Your Gambling Authority Is?


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Show Notes:

Coach Fav makes the strong point that learning as much as you can about the casino games that you play make the experience of casino gambling much more fun, much more intimate and possibly often more profitable.  He repeatedly emphasizes that there is no sure fire system for any table game or slot machine and that ultimately you have to be your own gambling authority. This outlook directly challenges the “gambling pundits” that say they have the system for a table game or slot machine that will make you rich, and they offer it for a special price.  “Not so,” says Coach Fav. Find your own way, read, observe, discuss, and experience the games or slots, but perfect, foolproof systems to beat the casinos do not exist. No one has been banned from a casino because of the system that they are using or the way that they set craps dice. No one. Card counters are banned because under casino laws they can be. That’s the only exception. There is no other.

In a special podcast personal segment, Janie discusses two of the most interesting downtown Vegas casinos, the El Cortez and the Downtown Grand. She explains what they are presently offering that’s new while keeping their authentic gambling experiences alive for all those who cherish the “good old days of Las Vegas.”

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