Crap Strategies That We Have Played with Success – No guarantees but much success indeed.

Strategy 1       3-2-1 Craps     Casino USA believes that 3-2-1 Craps is the best possible betting system for low rollers who play the passline.  To see it in action, follow the hyperlink by clicking on  YouTube’s COLOR UP.  They field tested it so you can judge for yourself.  This link will take you immediately to the 3-2-1 video.

Strategy 2        The $15-$6

Over the long haul in craps (do the math or check with a casino) 30% of craps games are decided on the come-out roll (fact). How? Simply, the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 or a craps number 2, 3, or 12. So keep that in mind. Over the long haul a 7 makes an appearance once every 6 rolls so it is quite possible that a shooter can string 2 or 3 7’s together on the come-out roll. Game won, Next Game another 7, Game won and we are into the third come out roll of the shooter who has yet to roll a point. After all there are more ways to roll a seven than any other number. Check the Chart:

Left Die Right Die
5 2
2 5
3 4
4 3
6 1
1 6

There are 6 ways that the dice can land and show a “7.” No other number has so many ways to roll.

Betting this way always win on the come-out, but for a price one would think. So starting a new game with  come-out roll with $15 on the pass line and $6 on 3-way craps is how 15-6 begins. One may think that my net gain would be only $27  after a come-out roll of 7 three times in a row because I would lose the $6 three-way craps bet 3 time for a loss of -$18. Hey,  I would have won $45 if I had only bet the pass line. But that’s not the way $15-6 works.  Here’s why you will win more than $45, just a little more than your friends who are just playing $15 on the pass line.  Here is how that happens: It’s all in the details:

After the first come-out roll of 7, I bet $3 on hop the 7’s, which is also called “hop the reds” because many players do not like to hear the word for 7. Nonetheless, on the second come out 7, I won $13 from my $3 hop bet. Why $13? The hop the 7 bet pays 15 to 1 on a 7, there are 3 types of 7’s: a 6-1, 5-2, 4-3. The game only considers that there are 3 ways to roll a 7 (4-3, 5-2, 6-1 and ignores what each die is doing ), paying $15 for any $1 on the 7 that comes out. Yet I lost the dollars on the other two ways to make a $7. So say the second come-out roll of a 7 was a 5-2, that means I lost the $1 bet on the 6-1 and the 5-2. So that’s $13 more to add to my winnings from the pass line bet of 15 minus the loss of the 3 way craps bet that I make on every come-out roll.

So after the second roll of a 7 on the come-out, I am pressing the hop bet by $3 again to a $6 hop bet. That third come-out roll, a 6-1 gave me $26. After 3 Come-Out Rolls of 7, I won:

a. I won $9 from the pass line bet of $15 [ $15-$6] on the first Come-Out roll that I bet 15-6.
b. I won $13 on the “Hop the 7’s” bet on the second Come-Out roll
c. I won $26 on the “Hop the 7’s” bet on the third Come-Out roll

** Don’t forget that you collected $18 from the pass line on come-out rolls two and three ($30-$12).

So my total win is more than $48 ($9+$13+26 and $18)- no, it’s more than that: $66  Here’s why.  If I had been playing $15 pass line bets and nothing else, I would have won only $45. My friend looks at me and says, “You won $21 more than I did on the 3 consecutive 7’s even with the three-way craps bet. How did that happen?”  One more time, don’t forget to add in the $9 that I won twice on the second and third roll from the pass line (total of $18), I conclude the three come-out 7’s with $66  ($48+$18).  I counted the first $9 on the first come-out.   $66 on 3-come-out 7’s even though I lost the three-way craps bets (wow)!

So what do I do with the hop the 7 bet after the 3 come-out rolls that began and ended with a 7 on the come-out. Remember that I made the hop bet that hit twice on the 2nd and third come-out rolls. We agreed, 3 consecutive 7’s on the come-out is really not that unusual. So if you are thinking I press the Hop the 7 Bet again on the 4th come-out , you are correct.

And that is the first part of playing $15-6, by an example of 3 come-out 7’s on the pass line. In less than probably 5 minutes, I won $66 on three come-out 7’s in a row.  “Not much of a difference from $45,” you say.  Keep reading.  It is a significant difference (admit it)  and there’s more good news to come.

So for me, I am the most secure player at the table on the come-out roll. Not fool proof at all, but this sequence occurs much more than you think. A Come-Out shooter rolling a few 7’s in a row happens almost every time that I play. Of course, winning $66 instead of $45 because of three 7’s in a row on the come-out roll is nice, but watch what happens if 3 craps numbers occur on 3 come-out rolls. Now we start to talk about much bigger money!  THIS IS THE BIG PAYOFF FOR BETTING $15-$6 ON THE COME-OUT ROLL!

3  Come-out rolls in a row with craps numbers while playing $15-$6
1. a 12 is rolled. You win $60 from 3-way craps but subtract $19, the pass line and the $2 on the 3 and 2 for a total win of $41. Press 3-way craps by $6
2. a 3 is rolled on the next come-out. You win $60 with $4 on the 3 but subtract the pass line and $8 from the other craps winners for a total win of $37. Press 3-way craps by $3 after a win on a “3” .. commonly called “ace-deuce.”
3. Now you have $5 on all three craps numbers and to your luck, a “2” is rolled (snake eyes). You win $150 minus the pass line, minus the $10 bet on the other two craps numbers for a total win of $125.
Here were your 3 craps wins in a row
1. Net $41 on the come-out 12 after a $6 3-way craps bet
2. Net $37 on the come-out 3 after a $12 3-way craps bet
3. Net $125 on the come out 2 after a $15 3-way craps bet
Total win of $203 by playing 15-6 on three come-outs and 3 craps numbers are thrown: 12-3-2. Your friends playing just the pass line for $15 LOST $45 ON THESE 3 ROLLS!  Winning $203 instead of losing $45, I bet that is a “significant difference” that we all can agree on…

Strategy 3      SUPER HEDGE

1. If one is considering playing the super hedge system, then you should agree that winning a little money is much better than losing a lot of money. Winning a little is better than losing a lot. Agree at times? Of course.
2. Super Hedge becomes obvious to most Don’t Pass players, but most will not use it because it limits the amount of money that one can win on a cold table. Here is the first example of Super Hedge:

a. The player has $6 on the Don’t Pass line and the point rolled is a 4 or a 10. To Super Hedge the player places the 10 or the 4 for $5. So either the player will win $1 on a 7-out or the player will win $3 if a 4 or 10 is rolled. If a 7 is rolled, the $5 on the point is subtracted from the $6 on the Don’t Pass. If the point is made, the 4 or the 10 in this example, subtract the loss of the Don’t Pass Bet, $6, from the win $9 for a net win of $3.
See, the player cannot lose. Now let’s up the betting.

b. With $11 on the Don’t Pass line- if the point number rolled is a 10 or 4, place the 4 or 10 for $10. So the player will win $1 on a 7-out or $8 on the point number being rolled. Do you see how the Super Hedge ensures a win for the player either way. So let’s consider other point numbers, the 5 or 9.

c. $6 on the Don’t Pass line, place the 5 or 9 for $5. 7-Out gives a $1 win, 5 or 9 rolled creates a $1 win.

d. $6 on the Don’t Pass line, place the 6 or 8 for $6. Either the player breaks even on a 7-out or wins $1 if the point is made as a 6 or 8 pays $7 if it hits.

So you now understand that the Super Hedge just wins a little but does not lose for the player. So when would I play it.
I play it for two reasons. Let’s say I won $450 playing craps numbers. i want to stay at the table but I do not want to put money at risk. I play Super Hedge. My second reason is cold and I have been playing the pass line and losing. I may go to Super Hedge until a hot shooter starts making points, then I will go back to “smart craps.”

These are the main reasons for Super Hedge. Since I play craps at least twice weekly, I cannot afford to lost several hundred dollars every time that I go to a casino. This protects me. Either I will come home just a few dollars up or I play at a hot table and win bigger money playing smart craps.

Can I hedge the come-out playing Super Hedge. Sure. Just hop the 7’s for $3 and a $1 yo and a $1 12. if I was doing this, I would play at least $11 on the Don’t Pass if not a little more.

If you do hedge the come-out the way that I suggested, here is what will happen. Remember that the Don’t Pass line wins on the come-out roll of 2 or 3 and pushes on a 12. So if you bet $1 on a 12. You are winning $30 if it hits on the one roll come-out.
If an 11 is rolled, you would lose the $11 on the Don’t Pass line, but win $15 on the one roll 11. So you have a net win of $4. If a 7 is rolled, you lose the $11 on the Don’t Pass line, but win $13 on the Hop the 7’s hit for a net win of $2 ($13 gross win). If a 2 or 3 hits, the Don’t Pass line wins $11 but loses the $5 in hedge bets for a net win of $5. Not so bad, is it?