Episode # 147 Casino Group Therapy Session 3


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Show Notes:

Janie and Coach Fav discuss the one question that seldom is considered on a gambling podcast or similar YouTube video. That is, “Is the growth of legalized gambling across the United States a good thing?” The American Gaming Association projects that Super Bowl betting will reach $16 billion this year. Wow! 2022 was a sensational year regarding American casino revenues. Now the Gen Z generation is seemingly ready to Take It Higher. Coach Fav and Janie warn about gambling addictions but embrace legalized gambling believing that if gambling was banned it would not stop but simply return to the control of  criminal organizations again. Legalized gambling …. It’s taxed. It’s regulated. It’s safe.

In Craps Talk Coach Fav explains that the 18th century betting system called the Martingale has been revived by the low minimum wagers of 50 cents on state approved legal gambling acts. He explains how to make it work for you in live games online.

Finally, Coach Fav reinforces his belief in establishing a win-loss limit and developing the self-discipline to quit playing when ahead. Without this discipline and a true loss limit, even recreational gambling can become self-destructive.

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