Episode # 144 Betting Big, Is it Worth it?


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Show Notes:

Coach Fav asks listeners to recall the biggest bets they have made. Did risking more money increase your enjoyment with gambling? Win or lose, is the stress of anticipation a thing of pleasure or not. He then considers some of the biggest bets that he has made in recreational gambling.  Coach discounts the relevance of of the extreme wealthy wagering millions (Mattress Mac) and makes his discussion center on the ordinary recreational gambling crowd.

Comparing Five NFL Quarterbacks

Coach Fav compares Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes.  He asks if it is time to turn the page on Brady and Rodgers. He throws in a “healthy” Lamar Jackson. He leaves out Jalen Hurts because his success thus far is generally associated with the present season. The other four young quarterbacks have more of an NFL resume of success overall.  


Janie introduces her new segment STP (Slot Tip Please) by giving an anecdote associated with playing slots. Janie’s stories and tips will be a part of future podcasts as well. She also shares her biggest bet as this was the theme of the opening segment of the podcast.

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