Episode # 148 Vegas Vacations, A Mental Disease?

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Show Notes:

Part 1

Janie and Coach Fav consider why they continue to return to Las Vegas time and again despite the fact that Las Vegas is 2300 miles from their home in Western Pennsylvania.

Many of our listeners probably do the same thing. In our case, we have several casino options just a short drive from our home. See how you relate to their explanation about why visits to Las Vegas never seem to get old. Do any of their answers surprise you?

Part 2

Coach Fav gives an unpaid endorsement of the magazine CASINO PLAYER, America’s Gaming Lifestyle Magazine. He reviews the “Tips for playing smarter in 2023”: by Lisa Robertson-Dziedizic, Publisher & Editor in Chief. Several of these tips are often given by Coach Fav and Janie, but Coach discovers some new important tips to remember in this article.

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