Episode # 155 Strangest Things Seen in a Casino

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Part 1

Coach Fav presents some of the strangest occurrences seen in a casino. Several of these stories came from group members of Casinos USA’s Facebook group. These are very unusual for sure.

Part 2

In Craps Talk in this episode Coach Fav examines the practice of coming out by betting on both the Don’t Pass and Pass Line in equal amounts. This practice eliminates the issue of being beat by a craps number on the come out roll. However, it also negates winning on a seven or eleven. Either way a 7–11-2-3-12 cancel one another out. Players doing this lifts the DP bet once the point is established and then bet behind the line from the pass line. He does not use this approach himself. He explains why.

Part 3

Janie discusses the slot concessions at Harry Reid International Las Vegas where two million dollar wins came in both June and July of 2023. She also continues to report on the most inexpensive places to eat in the Las Vegas area.

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