Episode # 154 Sports Books-Take the Training Wheels Off

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Show Notes:

Part 1  Due to the rapid growth of legal sports betting across the United States, many find themselves unfamiliar with the Jargon of betting at a sports book whether it be at an actual casino or with an online legal sports book in a specific state.  Coach Fav addresses this issue by providing an explanation of how to talk at a sports book

Part 2  Janie takes the lead in this segment explaining how an eating plan can save a Vegas visitor quite a bit of money, She explains how to go about creating a budget for eating when one is in Las Vegas.

Part 3  Coach Fav in the popular Craps Talk Segment presents a most unusual approach to playing craps, an approach that has put him in the black in Table Craps for seven consecutive years. Regardless of how one plays, his game approach can be applicable to the player with a long term desire to of win.

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