Episode # 156 What’s BOGO?

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Part 1

Coach Fav uses his comical BOGO stories to launch into the true meaning of slot paybacks, commonly known as RTP – return to player. Most will be surprised of what this misunderstood posted information really means.

Part 2

In Craps Talk Coach Fav reviews the PLAY ALL DAY betting system that was recently featured in a Jeremy Elerick Colorup Video on YouTube. Coach encourages all craps players to give this a try as it serves as a system that anyone can customize to make it more their own style. Coach Fav gives his “improvements” to an interesting system of play.

Part 3

Janie returns with her NEWS and VIEWS.  There’s luck and then there is luck that is amazing and uncanny.  With until you here this slot story from Caesar’s Palace just a few days ago.

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