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Episode # 7 Just the Facts

Happy Thanksgiving from Casinos USA.  Do you have the courage to evaluate your attraction to gambling?  If so, take the Gamblers Anonymous test with us.  What state makes the most money from taxes on casinos?  How many casinos are there in Nevada?
Another way to think about craps … Hedging the come-out roll often defies the infinity math associated with this game.  Did you know that nearly 1/3 of come-out rolls are 7/11 or 2-3-12.  Why pass up this action?  Keep the emails coming, we love them!

Episode # 6 Thanksgiving Comps and Betting System 31

Thanksgiving Day at a casino, Mistakes made by novice craps players via, Casinos USA Facebook page and newsletters, Larry Edell and Betting System 31, Sad story of an addicted gambler, Experimenting with different table games and curious betting systems, Take your guy or girl to a casino for Thanksgiving Dinner, Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Next episode one day early, November 23.

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Episode # 5 MacArthur Park and Hedge Betting in Craps

Travel rules, Music on Sirius Radio, McArthur Park, Fact Check Fav, Jimmy Webb and Richard Harris, Worst Song Ever Written, 7 minutes long or 3 days long, Yacht Club in New Buffalo, Michigan, Welcome to Four Winds Casino Resort on Pokagon Reservation, Story of Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians ( Native Americans), 6 types of Blackjack, Interior Details of Casino so Impressive, Hedge Betting – an Unorthodox approach to playing Craps, Critique of Vegas Fanboy Podcast, Continued Growth Appreciated by Casinos USA Team

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Episode # 4 The Vegas Chipmunk

Is Gambling Immoral? .. Shrine of the Guardian Angel Cathedral next to Wynn Properties on LV Strip .. Meeting people who sing professionally on the Strip or play professionally in orchestras in Las Vegas Shows .. So much is free in Las Vegas but you cannot afford it! .. The Power of Comps becomes an addiction .. Free hotel rooms, Free food, free slot play .. Rodney’s revenge .. Considering Moving to Las Vegas — meet Jill Nicole and her son Cayden .. Jill tells what she learned after 4 years of living in Vegas after growing up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh and working in the Pittsburgh suburbs as an adult .. 5 members of the Casinos USA Team are off to Four Winds Casino Resort on Indian land in New Buffalo, Michigan, details and photos of trip in our next podcast October 27, Trip Photos on and our social media outlets.


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Episode # 3 Shotguns and Golfbags

Golfing at Las Vegas Country Club, Hit Men on the Golf Course?, Listener Loves Maryland Live, Slot Machines, UNLV Professor Tony Lucas, The Movie War Games, Making the Transition to Table Games .. Think Baccarat, 360 Vegas Podcast Critique, Email Review, Playing at MARYLAND LIVE CASINO, Best Place to Live in America, Columbia Maryland? …

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Episode 2

Columbus Dispatch points to gambling losses in Ohio.  Legalized gambling provides revenues to Ohio Public Schools, Every Day or Everyday, Naming the Casinos USA Team, Gambling with friends (yes or no), What do you wear to a Casino on a weekend evening?, “You are who you hang with,” 100 x odds should be meaningless to recreational gamblers!, Bet behind the line after the come-out without monetary risk on the come-out roll, Table minimums too high – play the Don’t Pass Line, Blue Chip Casino review, Off to Maryland Live Casino – Next podcast September 30th

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