Episode # 9 … “Keep it to Yourself”

Part I…There is a real danger in mocking other players because they are making “stupid bets” at a table game that you are playing also.  All 9 of us  on the Casinos USA team ask that our listeners take Coach Fav’s warning seriously as he explains what you might be getting yourself into by putting down another player, whom you really do not know.  Be careful what you say to a total stranger at a craps table.

When do come bets end up haunting you even when the point is made by the shooter? Think about what could roll next.  What is the third “best” bet in craps?  The answer will most likely surprise you unless you are a true craps veteran or just a good guesser.

Part II…A throwback casino hotel on Boulder Highway offers $2 Blackjack 24/7 and $1 beers and still pays 3 to 2 on Blackjack.  Hear what Coach Fav learned about the Longhorn Casino Hotel from a Casinos USA Facebook member named Doug.  Maybe the Longhorn is the best place in Las Vegas to practice your Blackjack game on the cheap.

Part III  Two famous gaming authors and “advantage players” (according to reporter Mark Gruetze of the Tribune Review), Bob Dancer and Jean Scott speak out on how the relationship between players and casinos have become increasingly distant in terms of the new rules that the casinos have created.  Why do some players get banned because they are so good?  Why are some “advantage players” permitted to keep on playing despite how good they are?

Happy Holidays from Casinos USA!

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