Episode # 8 Attack of the Millennials

Part 1: Broad-brush sociological generational definitions do not cover everyone in a generation, Positive¬†values Millennials have brought to the workplace, Millennials are digital natives setting them apartfrom other generations but have disdain for “boring” slot machines, Party pits part of the casino answer with their social component with gambling, Millennial casino partying is about drinking and dancing not gambling, Las Vegas ads push the OK for Millennial hook-up culture, Millennial narcissism outlook leads to breaking of social norms (especially sexual freedoms), Predict that increasing adult responsibilities and having children will ultimately reign Millennials back to more traditional values, The social game of craps has a big future with Millennials but probably in arena format, Casino poker lounges dry and cold, almost anti-social, Millennials distance from traditional religious worship worrisome to writer, Time is on the side of the Millennials not the Boomers. (quotes in article via Tony Raap of the Tribune Review)

Part 2: Try Traveling to Las Vegas in December, January, and February for great hotel and airline rates and other special advantages, phone conversation with Casinos USA member Jill Nicole regarding flights in February

Part 3: Crazy, insane bets in Craps that sometimes pay off big wins

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