Episode #161 Why I Froze Our Pet Parrot

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Show Notes: April 2024

Coach Fav confesses why he was forced to turn on his Parrot. The podcast goes on to explains an unusual approach to Roulette that Coach Fav tested successfully. It’s a grind but keeps one at the table with more than a 70% win rate.  In “Craps Talk” he uses a system that is “7 friendly” and employs come bets. He calls it 7 Heaven.

Janie and Coach Fav review their recent trip to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Western Maryland giving the new owners a high grade with the exception that they did not carry over the comps that were earned from the previous gaming company- seemingly starting players over  without much regard for their play history. Nevertheless, Janie and Coach Fav feel the resort is in good hands.

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