Episode # 160 Craps Talk, Travel Ends, St. Patrick’s Day Vignette, Record Win!


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Show Notes:

Coach Fav explains how placing several numbers in Craps is surprisingly similar to laying odds from the Don’t Pass Line. This is an insight that may help you appreciate why this game is so hard to beat.

The travel narrative ends with telling of the final leg of the cross county casino journey. The beauty of Route 40 in early January through New Mexico is stunning. The winning doesn’t end as Coach Fav and Ashley both have strong wins at Mandalay Bay following their celebration dinner: Patrick, Derek, Ashley, and Coach Fav.

The story overheard during the Saint Patrick Day celebration at an Irish Pub still has Coach Fav laughing. Check it out.

Finally, despite table games side bets generally a money trap – nonetheless, when they hit the wins are huge. The story of a record setting side bet at Southland Casino may open your eyes to why people make side bets in table games.

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