Episode # 140 PANDAS OR PIGS!


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In Part 1 of our September 1, 2022, podcast, Coach Fav tells the story of a listener from Texas that had two opposite experiences on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Coach goes on to make the story universal with a reference from a famous novel by talking about how gambling is both “the worst of times and the best of times.” 

In “Craps Talk” Coach Fav explains what the “Marching Soldier” bet is and how this same listener used this bet to enjoy a win of nearly $600. Coach Fav explains that this interesting pressing bet cost only $10 and can make playing craps fun again.

In Part III Janie joins the podcast and brings news of a major change by Golden Entertainment (a gaming company) as they have a sale pending of one of Casino USA’s favorite casino resorts. Get the details.

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