Episode # 139 21st Birthday in Vegas!

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On a phone call to Casinos USA, we discuss turning 21 in Vegas with a member of the UNR Women’s Rugby Team that had a successful birthday party in Vegas.  Carefully planned, the caller to our podcasts explains how they planned it and how it worked out.

In our second segment Janie and Coach Fav consider Travel Ruby’s YouTube review of places that are “overrated in Las Vegas.” We agree with most of what she says. We also add some of our own overrated Vegas places and three Vegas places that are always “must do’s.”

In Craps Talk Coach Fav gives a “thumbs up” to YouTube Color Up’s “All Day” strategy. Check out this Jeremy Elerick craps production. Finally, Coach Fav shares a Comp Secret that most craps players are unaware of. Yes, it’s true. Be sure that you get this information.


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