Episode # 114 What’s Wrong with Craps?


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Show Notes:

Session One: 

Coach Fav has some fun with craps terminology but goes on in this Craps Talk Session to provide a strategy for playing a $25 matchplay coupon. With one roll of the dice, he wins $125 and walks away. He explains exactly how that happened.

Session Two:

Casinos USA reveals our summer plans for 2021. Feel welcome to call our 24/7 voicemail to give us a trip report or tell a gaming experience. We will be happy to put your report on a future podcast. We might take a month break from gambling in July. Things to get done in the house – “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” We will be painting in July, not rolling dice. 

We will be producing our July podcasts, However.  We will be at Rocky Gap Casino in Flintstone, Maryland in early August for two nights.  In September, we will be spending a week in Vegas, 4 nights at the Luxor Towers and 4 nights in a suite at the newly renovated Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. We will be in town for the Monday Home Opener at Allegiant Stadium, as the Raiders welcome the Ravens.

Session Three:

Coach Fav lists his four local casinos near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and compares their total revenues in May of 2021.

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