Episode # 113 Still Believing in Chuckie

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Show Notes:

In our first segment we react to the national sports media going after Las Vegas Raiders

Coach, John Gruden by calling him, “…the worst coach in the NFL.” We give you our take on the upcoming season and the Raiders’ chances.  In all honesty, they are not so bright. Yet we do believe that Coach Gruden will turn them around. He is in his third year of an amazing 10 year contract. Despite what you might hear, he is not going anywhere.

We recommend the game of Baccarat to all because of its very low house advantage. In fact, to surpass the edge one would have to be a world class Blackjack player. In Baccarat, which is not a game of skill, the edge is available to all who play.  Yet there are two mistakes people can make with Baccarat. We explain in detail.

Janie drops in and discusses two slot machine video-makers on YouTube that she enjoys. Janie was unaware that YouTube was available on our large screen televisions until recently. Now she enjoys these videos quite often. She refuses to watch YouTube on her phone.

Finally, Coach Fav praises the Golden Knights for a great overtime win in Denver.  He also scolds the YouTube producers who simply talk to invisible people supposedly sending them money. Stop It. Focus on your product. Everyone knows that YouTubers support the channels that they enjoy. Stop talking about a $5 kicker to you from someone we cannot see or hear. Put you Patron List at the end of the video.

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