Episode # 158 How to Start a Fantasy Football League

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Show Notes:

Coach Fav opens the show by discussing issues with craps that players often overlook and ignore to their own detriment, particularly the “system players” who think they have a foolproof approach to the game.

Today’s Feature Story relies on a phone call to Maryland for a talk with  a fantasy football guru, The XMan, who enjoys talking this game and explains “exactly” how to start a league of your own. Coach Fav really enjoyed this call admitting that he knows very little about fantasy football except that he appreciates how much people who play learn about the teams. It all sounds very enjoyable for little costs excepting having a smart phone to use.

Happy Thanksgiving from Casinos USA.   Janie and Coach Fav will be in Las Vegas for the holiday and promise to make Las Vegas the feature of their late November podcast.

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