Episode # 116 Gaining an Advantage

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Show Notes:

Part I

Do Advantage Players exist? Is it something that one can make oneself by study, practice, and imitation? Coach Fav gives his view and does indeed identify those players who have an advantage over the casino. Sounds good but realize that they are banned from playing the game that they have an own an advantage over the house. The best that we can do is to play even with a casino so that they have no advantage over us. Coach Fav explains there is only one way to beat the house, but it’s very hard to do. Learning legitimate strategies will help your game but will not give you an advantage. If you follow our best advice in this segment, you will definitely increase the times that you come home from a casino with winnings. This is not a scam. It’s the honest truth. 

Part II

Mini family Casinos USA reunion worked so well at Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Western Maryland because the weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoor features available at RG: swimming in the lake, kayaks, fishing, evening fire pits, and enjoying the indoor pool with the roof open. Four adults and 3 children – 8, 12, and 13 – we all got into the outdoor activities. Son Geoff lives in Maryland. Daughter Jill lives in Las Vegas. They had not seen each other in person for four years. Kids warmed up to one another very quickly. 

Part III

Odds and Ends: 

(A) South West Airline Issues.  The email we received on July 19 from SW told us our flight to Vegas was changed. Instead of a nonstop 4 hours, 20 minutes, Pittsburgh to Las Vegas, the new flight added two stops and would be 8 hours, 15 minutes. A call to SW led us to a nonstop flight that was leaving the same day but 5 hours earlier. It still had available  seats. We took it. No change in price because SW will move us for free as they made the change. 

(B) Pennsylvania opened up smoking for gamblers. Smoking inside casinos and other public buildings was stopped during the Pandemic. That’s an ouch for me. How about you?

(C) Post Pandemic are things the same as they used to be? Our answer is, “NO.” We are not sure that things will ever return to what they were. Transportation costs around Las Vegas are a nightmare beginning with getting from the airport to your hotel. Also the shortage of workers is forcing changes to the way casinos work. So many things are very shaky. 

(D) We will be in Las Vegas for the Monday Night football game September 13 as the LV Raiders welcome the Baltimore Ravens. There will be four of us on the trip with a fifth person joining us in midweek. Hope we can meet some or our listeners.  

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