Episode # 111 Mistakes to Avoid in Slot Machines and Craps

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Show Notes

There are two concerns that too many gamblers ignore, which lead to possible harm.

1. Never gamble while intoxicated

2. Never gamble with money that you simply cannot afford to lose.

 Big Crap Mistakes

1. Giving dealers $500 and saying I am willing to lose this if you help me learn how to play.

2. Trying to get chips while a shooter has the dice in their hands. 

3. Fighting a streak because you only play a system and seldom or never change

4. Forgetting where your bets are and forgetting to pick up winning field bets

5. Not taking odds behind the pass line

6. Not quitting when you are ahead and the table run is over

7. Playing craps with money you cannot afford to lose.

Slot Machines Mistakes

1. Not reading the rules of the game before you start to play

2. Constantly playing until all your money is lost even though you are often ahead. 

3. Not understanding how much a jackpot wager costs per spin.

4. Not understanding the difference between branded and unbranded slot machines

5. Staying at a cold machine

6. Playing too fast.

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