Episode # 117 Destination Weddings and 3 Card Poker

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Show Notes:

Part I Janie tells of a recent Destination Wedding out of the country where the American wedding guests lost several days trying to get back home amid flight cancellations.

Part II Three Card Poker Basics: The lowest hand you should not fold on is a Queen, six, four. The dealer needs queen high to “qualify” with at least a queen to continue. The Ante Bonus bet pays you if you have a straight or more even if you lose the hand to a dealer. Rookie dealers too often mistakenly do not pay this bet. Correct them. The pair bet raises the house edge, but if you are getting cards, why not? The Long Shot 6 card bet is explained. The house edge in 3 card poker is 2.01% without the side bets, and that’s as good as placing the 6 and 8 in craps. 3 Card Poker is another table game where your moves cannot hurt another player. There is no draw.  Relax and enjoy this interesting game. 

Part III Coach Fav maintains that system rigidity at a craps table can make one a loser. Think about changing your style of play if the table is “killing you>”

Part IV: Odds and Ends – Coach Fav has some fun with special tidbits of information. 

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