Episode # 97 Less Talk More Rock

I. In this episode Coach Fav draws from the Review Journal Newspaper, the daily newspaper of the Las Vegas area, the book CRAPS TO WIN THOUSANDS by Carroll Meyer ,and KNTV Las Vegas news broadcasts. 

The incidents of violence and even murder in Las Vegas appear to be out of control. Consequently, new security and more severe security measures are being put in place by  Wynn/Encore and many other companies are also increasing their security protocols and staffing.  In our view these are good things (great news) and working in conjunction with the Las Vegas Metro Police should turn back the recent increase in crime in the Las Vegas area, particularly on the Tourist Corridors of the Strip and Fremont Street. 

II. After playing craps for decades as has Carroll Meyer, I have learned that “when a craps table is hot it’s hot and when it’s not, it’s not.”  All place bet, pressing, come, and pass line plays are effective when the table is hot.  When shooters keep rolling numbers, good things happen to those who bet the numbers.

 Yet learn quickly that it is not always that way.  Carroll Meyer’s narrative of an amazing afternoon playing craps at Caesar’s is a high roller’s dream.  Enjoy it. Over $500,000 was won at the table that afternoon with only three people playing at this $100 minimum table. Nothing like a $7500 line bet with $15,000 in odds behind it. One player had $60,000 at risk at times.  You will love this story if you are a pass line and “bad bet” player (hard ways, hop bets, prop bets). Check out his book, Craps to Win Thousands – it’s a fun read.

III. Do you play the slots at McCarran International Airport?  People always warn about these “tight machines.”  Good thing for one tourist from North Dakota that he did not listen to such advice. Playing a $1.25 Wheel of Fortune machine, the tourist flew home with a more than two hundred thousand dollars.  Nice work!  

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