Episode # 94 Casino Smarts

In his opening segment Coach Fav talks about several “smarts” that helps one when gambling in a casino to actually come out ahead, and in the final segment of the podcast,  Janie explains why it is often wise to book more comped nights at a hotel casino then you actually need. From refrigerators in the room to the dangers of “third party” bookings, this episode provides the listener with much of their accumulated wisdom over several decades of enjoying traveling together and gambling in so many casino resorts.  

In between their opening and closing segments, Coach Fav in his popular CRAPS TALK segment explains how “Smart Craps” is played from the pass line.  Although experts consider that the math behind smart craps proves that it is definitely the best way to play the game, Coach Fav shares his feelings about putting so much hard earned cash at risk and why he moved away from smart craps over the years.  Playing full odds or heavy odds behind the pass line and doing the same on a couple of “come bets” is a way to win or lose big money fast. That’s a hard and fast fact. Of course, this is all up to the player, which is a point that Coach Fav embraces each and every podcast.

Play your own way with a style that you trust.  Despite what you may hear from the so called experts, there is no guarantee that you will always win any casino table game and craps is no different. If any table game system of play or dice control in craps was actually foolproof, casinos would remove craps tables from the floor or any other table game that was easily defeated by patrons.  Every table game and slot machine has a “house edge” built in and that is something that should always be understood. That is why casinos exist – to win your money. Nonetheless, there are still many reasons to enjoy recreational gambling, and Casinos USA Podcasts seeks the “Pursuit of Happiness.” 

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