Episode # 89 Now It’s Beer Through a Straw!

June 11, 2020 – Start of Casinos USA’s 9th Season.

Part I: Coach Fav reviews the events of the reopening the Meadows Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania on June 9 which was the first legal day for casinos to reopen in PA. The Meadows served comp beers to players, but one was required to drink beer through a straw or not at all.  He also explains his plan to play craps from the Don’t Pass, which is not his favorite way to play craps.  He adds many other of his views on the recent events of our time.

Part II: Keno Nick from Connellsville, Pennsylvania calls in to highlight his story of the day that he shared with Coach Fav at the Meadows reopening.  Nick played Keno slots for 6 hours and you may be surprised to learn of his outcomes.

Part III: Janie adds to the commentary in discussing how casinos are going to be a bit different from the way that they were and her own fears and hesitation about returning to any events where large numbers of people will gather.  She passed on the opening but has some regrets that she did not join Coach Fav at the Meadows.

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