Episode # 79 Dababy, Ski Mask, and Migos

Introduction: New faces, voices, and a new genre of music are not that far away from being Vegas Headliners. They are Rappers, of course and Hip Hop, of course. For now, Lady Gaga, Canadian singer Shania Twain, the rock group Arrowsmith, and such remain the mainstream draws and the upcoming young rappers and the hip hop crowd are in the nightclubs.  That’s for now.  

Entertainment in Las Vegas is fluid and changing so be prepared as time goes by for headliners that many of us have never heard of or listened much or at all  will be the new normal. We do agree on this. It’s time to appreciate that the Boomer music that nearly all casinos play 24/7 is in its end time. Pull the plug on Boomer Music in Casinos.  Come on! It’s 50 years old.  Enough.  “Here’s my story it’s sad but true, about a girl that I once new.”


Part 2  Explanation of “Super Hedge” – a scheme for playing craps at an extremely choppy table. In this Craps Talk segment we consider the plight of people and animals caught up in the bush fires in Australia and also pray that the podcaster Arron and family from “Craps Journey” which is recorded in coastal Australia has escaped these dangers.

Part 3  News Nuggets: Casinos USA presents 5 news items of interest to casino goers around the USA.

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