Episode # 67 Summer Reports from LV and AC

Welcome to our 7th Season and our 67th podcast.

1. Jill talks about the Park MGM’s Eataly (Italian Food Marketplace), which she loves and enjoys on her visit to a recent Aerosmith Concert (Sensational) at the MGM Park venue.  

2. “Keno Nick” gives a positive report from Bally’s in Atlantic City and the HardRock casino now refurbished and renewed. Nick says AC is jumping and the weather is great.

3. Coach Fav reviews how his “Parade of Junk Bets,” many of the worst bets in craps, paid off big time as he broke into the $1,000 win barrier at Rocky Gap Casino’s tables in June.  Hop the reds on a stick change, play the hard ways and take them up as place bets payoff, chase crap numbers, hop the hard ways on the come-out rolls. All of these junk bets came through for Coach Fav. Don’t be afraid to try these junk bets that the experts say to avoid.  Sometimes, as Coach Fav proves, they are the best bets on the table. 

4. Coach Fav gives the details of his 64 dice set.  It has been very effective this summer.

5. Casinos USA will be playing Craps at the Belterra Casino Resort in Florence, Indiana on Sunday evening July 14.  We will also be visiting the Rising Star Casino on the evening of July 18. Please feel welcome to play with us or just say, “hello.” We want to meet our listeners.

6. Sport Book apps are now legal in Pennsylvania and are designed for smart phones and desk top computes. They are legal only when the user is in Pennsylvania. Coach Fav focuses on the Betrivers.com application from The Rivers Casino on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.  He considers some of the ins and outs of betting by using a legal app.

7. California earthquakes rattle Nevada – frightening thousands on the Strip and nearby communities. Let’s pray that the after shocks finally end.

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