Episode # 63 Ketchup in the Mayo

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Craps Talk for High Rollers opens the episode today. Generally High Rollers play smart craps, which is a pass line system explained by Coach Fav.  He offers an alternative play: Deal or NoDeal for High Rollers.

Come-Out Roll

a. $60 on the Pass Line   

b. $60 on the Don’t Pass Line   

c. $5 bet on the 12

d. After the point is established lay $120 on the Don’t Pass 

e. Next place the inside numbers for a total of $66 

   ($15 on the 5 and 9, $18 on the 6 and 8) All hits on these inside numbers will pay $21.

f. Turn the inside numbers off after 3 hits ($63 profit)

g. **** Now Keep the Don’t Pass Lay Bet odds at $120 or Reduce it to $60 or $30

   * Danger of Negative Expectation Game Reviewed. Why all betting system fail eventually is explained by Coach Fav. Learn to “Take the Money and Run.”

Part II: Video Poker fans go to www.vpfree2.com. to learn how your favorite casinos are rated for payouts on their video poker games. The site is recommended by the authors of the American Casino Guide. All my local casinos suck with payouts as this website revealed. Jacks or Better players seek machines that pay “9 coins for full house, 6 coins for a flush.” This pay table identifies a 99% payout machine- hard to top!

Part III: Janie and Coach Fav give casino resort comp tips and discuss some of the better comps that they have enjoyed. Janie asks listeners to share their stories: 1-724-519-4556 24/7 voicemail

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