Episode # 62 Women and Gambling

1.  Janie gives a true/false quiz on Women and Gambling facts. Coach Fav and Janie discuss the correct answers to the quiz.  

2. Janie talks about a new casino being built across from Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.  “Astral” is the name of this new casino resort.  It will have 620 rooms, underground parking, a sky lobby and a rooftop pool.  Of course, it is in walking distance of the new Raiders Stadium.

3. Top women poker players listed.

4. Top women casino executives

5. Top female table game dealer in Las Vegas

6. Craps Talk – today we focus and expand on specific craps terms:

“Buy-In” should be influenced by table minimums (when to buy-in)

“Loss Limit” – your personal view on how much you are willing to lose before you quit betting 

“Betting with the Dice,” “right way bettors”

“Betting against the Dice,” “wrong way bettors”

A Boxman” – the one who is sitting and the ultimate judge of the game

“No Call Bets”

“Odds bet behind the line” – (pass line) often considered to be the best bet in the casino 

“Laying odds” or “putting odds” on the Don’t Pass Line

Differences between odds behind the Pass Line and Don’t Pass odds

7. Coach Fav’s comments about Janie always wants to go to a newly opened casino.  Astral casino construction ( across from) Mandalay Bay begins in 2020. We will be there shortly after it opens.

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