Episode # 56 Deal or No Deal

Opening of Season Six  January 24, 2019

A. $5  is the smallest amount of money accepted for sports bets at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh This casino is now has more people space in the sports book which can now seat 98 with chairs and tables combined (fills up quickly)


Caution: Baby Sitting Services in Las Vegas have specific rules. Check with the concierge in the LV Strip hotel where you are staying. Do this before you go to Las Vegas.



1. $5 on the Pass Line $5 on the Don’t Pass Line on the Come-Out roll

2. $30 odds on the Don’t Pass

3. If the established point is not a 6 or 8, place them for $6 each and keep them up for two hits; then take them down. Make your own decision on this.


4. If the established point is a 6 or 8 make another choice: Deal or No Deal. Either put odds behind the pass line and lift the Don’t Pass Bet and odds or not.  Again, playing the 6 or 8 from the pass line is Deal or No Deal – Your choice.  Remember that a Don’t Pass bet can be lifted. A pass line bet cannot. Any odds bet can be lifted from either line.                         

C. Caller from Utah wants Casinos USA’s thinking on hardware parleys

D. Janie reviews an article from Travelzoo.com.

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