Episode # 46 Let’s Talk about Comps

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Part I: Caller asks how to parley a diamond status from one gaming company into comps from a different gaming company. Before answering, Coach Fav discusses comps in general and explains his own attraction to casino comps. He warns in full disclosure that comps are given based on anticipated losses, which is tied to level of play and length of play on table games or slots. Honestly, in the end, most gamblers pay for their own comps by their losses.

To answer the caller, Coach Fav presents his specific strategies for getting comps from a new gaming company by getting “personal” with your present casino hosts.  

Part II: Janie and Coach Fav discuss the value of renting a car on a Las Vegas vacation as opposed to just using Uber and cabs. Rental cars work well on weekend evenings where cab lines and Uber lines can have you in a 30 or 40 minute wait. If one wants to go “off strip” everyday, a rental car makes great sense. Janie presents actual rental costs in today’s Las Vegas. Janie reminds all to bring their auto insurance card rather than paying for rental car insurance from the rental agency, which is very costly. Consider renting a car for a day or two from within the hotel. This is easy to do and beats going back to the airport to do this.

Part III. In “Casino Group Therapy” today Coach Fav asks, “Do you really know what you are getting into when you gamble in a casino?” Coach tells craps players if they do not use odds bets behind the pass line, do not make pass line bets because the “house edge” is too great against you after the come-out roll without an odds bet. Rather make one unit place bets on the 6 and 8 to enjoy craps.  Low rollers are best served by the 3-2-1 pass line craps betting system that we review repeatedly.  Finally, know your own limitations in any table game before you decide to gamble at a higher level. Be honest with yourself! 

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