Episode # 45 Will We Never Lose Again?

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Welcome to our 5th season of our podcasts. Coach Fav explains how South West Airlines credits “Wannagetaway” flight tickets, and how simple it is to cancel rooms at Bally’s, Luxor, and the Golden Nugget without monetary loss.

Coach Fav then explains his 3-2-1 craps betting designed for a low roller pass line player.  This system is enjoyable to play and offers pass line players a strong opportunity for success. 

Janie reviews our most recent casino trip to The Rising Star Casino Resort in Rising Sun, Indiana where we enjoyed the 70’s rock group, America, in concert.  Also she provides the details of our very successful gambling experiences over a 3-day period. Did you know that The Rising Star Casino Resort has become so popular that management is opening a “river ferry” to carry cars from the Kentucky side of the Ohio River to the Indiana side – just to make the journey to the resort much shorter for patrons from Kentucky.  It opens in August, 2018- this month. 

Pennsylvania casino expansion is putting another casino within 20 miles of the home of Casinos USA.  Janie explains what gaming company is building at a local mall. 

In the final segment, “Casino Group Therapy,”  Coach Fav weighs in on the long-standing debate – Who knows more about playing Craps, low rollers or high rollers?

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