Episode # 41 SCOTUS, Yes — Rule 21 No

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1.  Recent ruling gives permission to the states to regulate sports betting and ends federal legislation that protected the Nevada exception.

2.  Rule 21 in professional baseball prohibits players from placing bets on games regardless if sports betting is legal or not. The new rule for all professional sports? 

3.  Maryland caller asks our view on the SCOTUS Impact on Las Vegas Casinos and if Fantasy Sports will be better off now. We give our views.

4.  What will happen to the illegal sports bookies?

5.  Chapter 2 – Rising Star wins a variety of important awards for Cincinnati area

6.  Chapter 3 – 9 Day plan for enjoying 9 days in Las Vegas

7.  Chapter 4 – Daytona Beach Gambling boats and Shopping

8.  Gaming Magazine 2018 (www.risingstarcasino.com) – Check it Out!

9.  Playing craps with the NCD 20 strategy…hey, you might like this on your trips

10. Charting the numbers for our listeners. Tweet us at @casinosusa2017

11. Groupons, see if they work for you. Finding incredible deals in Las Vegas with Groupons…

12. Besides Gambling, what else are we doing for 9 days in Las Vegas? 

13. Finally staying on Fremont Street we choose The Golden Nugget.

14. Janie discusses the Daytona Beach Gambling Boats and Shopping Swim Ware Crazy

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