Episode # 38 America’s Biggest Gambling Scam


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Chapter 1
2. College basketball point-shaving gambling scandals began in 1950 and continue perhaps to the present day. What is point-shaving? Players think it might be OK to do this because they are not throwing a game, they are just secretly trying to stop their team from beating the spread.
Infamous scams at CCNY, Boston College, Arizona State, and Northwestern. Scary/Sad
Chapter 2
3. Predicting the winner- magical emails or postcards. How does it work? What famous FBI Director brought mail fraud charges against the “criminals” who used this brilliant but illegal scheme, which truly seemed to predict future sports winners with complete certainty.
Chapter 3
4. Laying the 4 and 10 the Coach Fav way! Make $40 lay bets on the 4 and 10 on come-out rolls. Consider a hedge bet by hopping the 4 and 10 for $3 each or protecting yourself against a hard number by making an all-day hard-way bet on the 4 and 10. After the come-out roll, Coach Fav keeps the lay bets up but for one roll. He also has $15 on the pass line with $20 odds. Making the lay bets on come-out rolls may move you to playing the Don’t Pass- MAYBE
Chapter 4
What’s the better Casino Resort of the two, Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? Coach Fav and Janie read and discuss several trip reports on this topic from TripAdvisor. Pick a winner!

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