Episode # 35 Five February Nights In Las Vegas

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Content –
1. Overview of Podcast, Why play the “Super Hedge” Betting System for Craps?
Are there times when winning a little money is better than losing a lot of money? If you agree, consider the “Super Hedge” until the table warms up. Detailed Explanation of the “Super Hedge” Craps System presented by Coach Fav
2. Flying to and from Vegas on Southwest Airlines
3. Advantages of Early Check-in and Mobile Check-in at Casino Hotels on the Strip
3. Changing Suites at Bally’s – Water falling through the ceiling light fixture
4. Ellis Island Video Poker Radioactive for Janie
5. Ellis Island food and drink are the best deals in Vegas
6. Excalibur Casino and Hotel clean but worn out – yet still “kid friendly”
7. Tech Guru Connor finally finds a Las Vegas area town where he could live
7. Enjoying the sun together at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas
8. Fremont Street has advantages over the Strip along with other “off-strip” possibilities
9. 14 Hours of Winning Craps – not a losing session over 5 Nights by not playing just one way

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