Episode # 132 Spring Break Report Part 1

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Show Notes:

Janie opens the podcast today. We stayed at the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada, the official hotel of the Las Vegas Raiders three nights, two nights at the palace size South Point Casino, a very popular locals casino, and the final two nights at Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip. Today’s podcast focuses on M Resort and Bally’s. Janie reviews several areas of concern and grades M Resort very high with the one exception of the Sports Book. Otherwise, it is perfect.  Food Costs were so reasonable at the M Resort and the pool is HEATED. The hotel coffee in the M Resort  24 hour Bakery/Coffee Shop is the very best coffee she has ever had including Starbucks. So many other important details of our stay at the M Resort are mentioned.

Bally’s is in transition and is behind the 8 ball as their first floor restaurants are gone with the exception of Nosh, which is only open a couple of days a week. 

Craps Talk:

Coach Fav talks about the effect that electronic craps tables and bubble craps machines will have on the regular craps tables.  Jeremy Elerick of Color Up, perhaps the best producer of Craps Videos on YouTube, believes that these types of tables will bring more players to the regular craps tables eventually.  Coach Fav hopes Jeremy is correct, but feels strongly that casinos will ultimately embrace an electronic table which requires just one dealer, which dozens of people can play from their seats surrounding the table or bubble craps machines that do not have any dealers – instead of staffing his beloved regular felt covered table with four dealers a box man, two dealers, and a stick man. Finally Coach presents a Martingale style betting scheme for electronic or bubble craps that offer a very low minimum bet – as low as $1 for line bets.  He has had success with this approach, using Come Bets, but Coach Fav does not guarantee that it will always work…. nothing ever does in a negative expectation game. Still we love CRAPS!

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