Episode # 121 Casino Tales Make It All Worthwhile

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Show Notes:

Feature: Coach Fav and Janie share some of their most “memorable” moments from a huge number of Casino visits across the country, including Las Vegas. Did you ever look out your hotel window and sees several firetrucks and dozens of firemen running into the casino hotel where you were staying? Janie has. Did you ever see a knock down fistfight at a Craps table where you were playing? Coach Fav has.  Feel welcome to call our 24/7 voicemail and share your crazy, happy, or weird casino experiences with the listeners of  Casinos USA. Just use your first name and the state or city that you are calling from …

Craps Talk:

Coach Fav explains a place bet pressing system that is trending in Las Vegas called

18, 15, 10. This system is perfect for a $10 table. While no system can guarantee success, this pressing strategy protects the bettor in that she/he is only putting $24 of their stake at risk. Coach Fav explains in great detail the several options a bettor has in using this place bet pressing system. 

For recreational purposes only: 

Coach Fav’s Football Sports-betting picks are available for viewing in our Facebook Group posts every Friday.  Join the Casinos USA Facebook group free of charge. He is enjoying another winning year, going 8-1 last weekend.  

Casinos USA is Still A Place Where Every Day is Saturday

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