Episode # 118 2021 Football Special and Travel Tips

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Part 1  Sports Betting Overview   

Whether it is at a brick and mortar sports book inside of a casino or a legal online betting app, Casinos USA uses spread bets for NFL games and Money Line Odds for College Football Bets. How do they both work? Coach Fav explains. Casinos USA gives our top three NFL bets the first week of the regular season. 

There is a Big, Big college football game on September 4 in the southland as Georgia and Clemson open the season with one another. Learn how Casinos USA bets this game on the Money Line.

Part II  Travel Tips

Coach Fav gives a collection of important and often very different travel tips. These are things one should do before the trip begins.  This list could save you money and spare you serious issues while you are on vacation. IF you are heading to Las Vegas this fall, consider taking proof of vaccination with you.  More and more venues are requiring proof of vaccination to enter.

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