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In the past 30 days, Casinos USA Podcasts have averaged 855 plays per day. Our latest podcast, Episode # 69 Casino Dangers had 945 plays on its first day, August 8, 2019.  Thank you to all of our listeners. We are very serious about several dangers and warn our listeners: fires, street crime in and out of the casino, especially parking garages, loaded drinks handed to you by someone other than the bartender, drinking to the point of heavy intoxication so that you cannot defend yourself or make good decisions. Do not hesitate to ask security to walk you to your room. Use the valet whenever you visit a casino by automobile during evening hours. Parking garages in American Casinos are crime ridden in nearly all casinos around the country. 
If you feel uneasy, use casino security. They will help you.
A quick way to ruin your weekend at a casino is to ignore a daily loss limit and lose all of your money the first night of your stay. Going to the pool without adequate protection from the sun can also destroy your vacation.
To swim in Vegas during the summer months, protect yourself from the sun or you face severe medical consequences. 
Episode # 68 – “You Ain’t Dead Until …” tells the story of a recent trip to Southern Indiana’s Belterra and Rising Sun Casinos. Lots of laughs and Lots of Information – Join us for this episode beginning the afternoon of Thursday, July 25, 2019.  Remember that our website also archives all of our podcasts on the Podcast Page.  Coach Fav finally MADE THEM ALL 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,and 12 but he only bet it for one dollar.  Still the $175 win was great and he also won both the 35 to 1 ALL SMALL AND ALL TALL BETS  2,3,4,5,6 and 8,9 10, 11, 12. In our 3 day stay we had some great conversations with our midwest listeners and we share some of that in this episode.
Our 3-2-1 craps betting strategy for LOW ROLLERS, has surpassed 114,000 plays on YouTube (in just 11 months) on Jeremy Elerick’s “Color Up” channel. This is a great way to play craps from the pass line several times a week without causing financial stress for the family.  Take a look at it and judge for yourself.
We set dice – We enjoy it. Yet before you spend a penny on learning “Dice Control,” take a look at the greatest verified craps roll ever.  The shooter was only playing craps for the second time and she did not “set” dice.  
We do believe that setting dice can create dice tendencies, numbers tied to a specific set more than not; however, we do not believe that anyone can CONTROL dice if the dice and the roll are legal – that is, if the dice hit the back wall, which they are required by the rules of craps to do. Click on the following link to learn of the longest VERIFIED craps roll in the United States. Remember, the shooter did not set dice.

Greatest verified craps roll ever!

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Craps Players: Click on a Dice Photo – then click on  i  for the Information regarding the Set that you have chosen.
Note: As mentioned above, Casinos USA believes that there is no such thing as Dice Control.  We do believe that setting dice creates "dice tendencies," which means certain numbers come up more often when these sets are used; however, that does not mean that we are controlling the dice - we are affecting tendencies by these sets.

We had calls to our answering service on how we captured the dice as if they were floating.  The truth is the dice are much closer, only inches, from the camera than the table felt.  The dice are sitting on clear plexiglass-  We loved this effect and appreciate that many of our website and Facebook visitors do as well.   Our Facebook public group is Casinos USA written as two words.  Our website is

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