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A BETTING SYSTEM>>>>>>>>>>>>

15-6 betting system for craps…We discuss this system in Podcast # 34, “Las Vegas Redux”” in part 2 of the podcast. However, Casinos USA is providing our listeners a written summary of the $15-$6 betting system designed to take advantage of the come-out roll in craps.  Remember that this system is not foolproof (none are), but it can be quite effective when a string of 7’s or craps numbers occur on come-out rolls.  The details follow:

Over the long haul in craps (do the math or check with a casino if you disagree) 30% of craps games are decided on the come-out roll (fact). How? Simply, the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 or a craps number 2, 3, or 12. So keep that in mind.

Over extended play a 7 makes an appearance once every 6 rolls. Yet in the short term  it is quite possible that a shooter can string two or three  7’s together on come-out rolls.  Game won, Next Game another 7, Game won,  and we are into the third come out roll of the shooter who has yet to roll a point but has thrown back to back 7’s.  This is very common.  After all, there are more ways to roll a seven than any other number. Check the Chart:

Left Die       Right Die
5                     2
2                     5
3                     4
4                     3
6                     1
1                     6

There are 6 ways that the dice can land and show a “7.” No other number has so many ways to roll.

7’s rolling on the Come-Out means that Pass Line bettors are winning.  So in the case where three come-out 7’s are rolled consecutively, I win $45 from the pass line, $15 on each roll of the 7, but I lose $18 on my 3-way craps numbers after 3 come-out rolls of $6 on 3-way craps.  But by playing 15-6 system, I actually win $66. Here’s how: Read on to learn this $15-$6 craps system.

So starting a come-out roll with $15 on the pass line and $6 on 3-way craps is how the 15-6 system begins. You may think that my net gain would be $27 after a come-out roll of 7 three times in a row, and I would have won $45 if I had only bet the pass line. But not the way $15-6 works. Here’s why you will win more than $45 on 3 come-out 7’s. Here is how that happens:

After the first come-out roll of 7, I bet $3 on hop the 7’s, which is also called “hop the reds” because many players do not like to hear the word for “7.”  Nonetheless, on the second come out 7, I won $13 from my $3 hop bet. Why $13? The hop the 7 bet pays 15 to 1 on a 7, there are 3 types of 7’s: a 6-1, 5-2, 4-3.

The table does considers only 3 ways to roll a 7, paying $15 for any $1 on the 7 that comes out. Yet I lost the dollars on the other two ways to make a $7. So say the second come-out roll of a 7 was a 5-2, that means I lost the $1 bet on the 6-1 and the 4-3.  Still,  that’s $13 more to add to my winnings from the pass line bet of 15 minus the loss of the 3 way craps bet that I make on every come-out roll.

So after the second roll of a 7 on the come-out, I am pressing the hop bet by $3 again to a $6 hop bet. Now everything might go my way. If we have a 7 on that third come-out roll, a 6-1 gives me $26. After 3 Come-Out Rolls of 7, I won (see below).

a. I won $27 from the pass line bet of $15 [ $45-$18]
b. I won $13 on the “Hop the 7’s” bet on the second Come-Out roll
c. I won $26 on the “Hop the 7’s” bet on the third Come-Out roll

So my total win is $66. If I had been playing $15 pass line bets and nothing else, I would have won $45. My friend looks at me and says, “You win $21 more than I did on the 3 consecutive 7’s. How did that happen.” Now all of you know. So you may begin to see the power of playing 15-6.

So what do I do with the hop the 7 bet after the 3 come-out rolls that began and ended with a 7 on the come-out. Remember that I made the hop bet that hit twice on the 2nd and third come-out rolls. We agreed, 3 consecutive 7’s on the come-out is really not that unusual. So if you are thinking I press the Hop the 7 Bet again on the 4th come-out , you are correct.

And that is the first part of playing $15-6, by an example of 3 come-out 7’s on the pass line. In less than probably 5 minutes, I won $66 on three come-out 7’s in a row.

So for me, I am the most secure player at the table on the come-out roll. Not fool proof at all, but this sequence occurs much more than you think. A Come-Out shooter rolling a few 7’s in a row happens almost every time that I play.

Of course, winning $66 because of three 7’s in a row on the come-out roll is nice, but watch what happens if 3 craps numbers occur on 3 come-out rolls. Now we start to talk about even bigger money.  BIGGER MONEY!

Let’s consider the benefits of three Come-out rolls in a row with craps numbers while playing $15-$6

FIRST CRAPS NUMBER a 12 is rolled. You win $60 from 3-way craps but subtract $19, the $15 pass line bet  and the $2 on the 3 and 2 (snake eyes)  for a total win of $41.  NOW PRESS 3-WAY CRAPS BY $6

SECOND CRAPS NUMBER A 3 is rolled (ace-deuce). You win $60 (4x 15) with $4 on the 3 but you subtract the pass line bet of $15 and $8 from the other craps winners for a total win of $37. NOW YOU PRESS THE “3” WIN BY $3 TAKING 3-WAY CRAPS TO $5 ON THE  12, 3, 2.

THIRD CRAPS NUMBER IN A ROW THROWN ON THE COME-OUT …you have $5 on all three craps numbers and to your luck, a “2” is rolled (snake eyes). You win $150 minus the pass line, minus the $10 bet on the other two craps numbers for a total win of $125.
Here were your 3 craps wins in a row
1. Net $41 on the come-out 12 after a $6 3-way craps bet
2. Net $37 on the come-out 3 after a $12 3-way craps bet
3. Net $125 on the come out 2 after a $15 3-way craps bet

Total win of $203 by playing 15-6 on three consecutive come-outs and 3 craps numbers are thrown: 12-3-2. Your friends playing just the pass line for $15 lost $45 on these 3 rolls.  Once again, you just won $203 net playing $15-6 and pressing as explained ( Press your 3-way craps bet$6 after a 12 or 2 hits- and $3 after a 3 hits), but you buddies just playing the pass line lost $45.

This sequence of rolls consecutive 7’s or craps numbers is not that unusual.  So it’s a $203 win instead of a $45 loss.  Remember that you always have $15 on the pass line for each come-out roll and at least $6 on 3-way craps.  If you are not using the 15-6 and someone at the table throws 4 consecutive 7’s or 3 or 4 consecutive craps numbers on the come-out rolls, you’ll kick yourself.

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