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October 2017 Casino Resort Tours:

Casinos USA has just returned from our gaming trip to Southern Indiana and the Riverboats.  We are off again the week of October 16 to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland and will finish our October tour on Sunday, October 22 at The Meadows Casino in Washington, PA where we will be joined with team members Elaine and Jerry.  Our next October podcast, Episode # 28,  will air on Thursday, October 26.
Podcast Episode # 27 [Crazy Going Nuts Betting] airs September 27. Find us on nearly all major outlets and also on this website on our podcast page. Call Casinos USA’s Answering Service at 1-724-519-4556 to share your own”Casino Capers.”  We will do our best to use your call in our podcasts.
1. Crazy, Going Nuts Luck Betting or Not-4 True Stories of Great Luck, Bad Luck
a. Ashley Revel – Roulette
b. Fred Smith – Blackjack
c. Cynthia Jay – Slots
d. Patricia Demauro – Craps
2. We Discuss Several Common Mistakes that LV Gamblers Too Often Make
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Podcast Episode # 26, [A Windy Day Atop the Stratosphere] airs September 13.  Find us on nearly all major outlets and on this website on the podcast page.  Is online gambling for you?  Check out this podcast for details from a first time user.  Too much casino partying.  Hear what a young doctor tells Casinos USA.  Find out the best food deals in Las Vegas for the month of September.
Podcast Episode # 25 [Make Your Living Playing Craps] airs on Thursday, August 31.  A portion of this episode was recorded live at The Meadows Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania where 3 members of Casinos USA, on 3 different craps tables, all won using one of the betting schemes of Author Larry Edell in his book with the same title as this podcast. We also review 6 “Casino Traps” considered in a powerful book written by John Alcamo.  Throw in Casino Group Therapy and Episode # 25 is another winner for you to enjoy.


Maybe on some days the “Best Casino Gambling Advice Ever!”

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Many Rolled The Dice With Us on the Casinos USA’s Flyover States Craps Tour
     Details of Dates and Locations
July 2017 Roll The Dice With Us in Casinos USA’s Flyover States Craps Tour Visits
1. 6th     Rocky Gap Casino, Flintstone, Maryland
2. 16th   Rising Star Casino, Rising Sun, Indiana
3. 17th   Belterra Casino, Florence, Indiana
4. 18th   Belterra Casino, Florence, Indiana
5. 23rd   The Meadows Casino, Washington, Pennsylvania
6. 26th  Rocky Gap Casino, Flintstone, Maryland

Podcast # 23 airing on July 31: Casinos USA’s Flyover States Craps Tour


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Note: Casinos USA believes that there is no such thing as Dice Control.  We do believe that setting dice creates "dice tendencies," which means certain numbers come up more often when these sets are used; however, that does not mean that we are controlling the dice - we are affecting tendencies by these sets.

We had calls to our answering service on how we captured the dice as if they were floating.  The truth is the dice are much closer, only inches, from the camera than the table felt.  The dice are sitting on clear plexiglass-  We loved this effect and appreciate that many of our website and Facebook visitors do as well.   Our Facebook public group is Casinos USA written as two words.  Our website is

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