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Episode # 100 Thirty-Four Straight Wins!


Coach Fav celebrates Casinos USA Podcasts 100th podcast by celebrating his recent amazing 34 straight wins, 23 in sports betting and 11 in craps outings. He explains exactly how it all happened.    To call the show, 24/7 voicemail 1-724-519-4556.

We also hear from Jeremey Elerick, the ever-so successful producer and narrator of Color Up Videos on Youtube, and (late in the podcast), Keno Nick calls in to talk about his first day at Pennsylvania’s newest casino, Pittsburgh Live which opened November 24.  He actually called the show live, but we played it at the end of the podcast.  A number of listeners want us to broadcast live so we are considering it.

In our popular Craps Talk segment Coach Fav reviews his favorite bets during his 11 straight wins.  Here they are:    

1. 15-6  $15 on the Pass Line  hedged by 3-Way Craps for $6  [Come-out rolls]If I hit a 2 or 12, I keep the $50 and press the 3-way $6

2. Hop the Hardways high on the 10 for $5.  Bet pays 30 to 1, which makes the hard 10 two dollar bet a $60 winner. Remember this bet is one roll only and I only use it on come-out rolls ever so often.

After the point is established

3. Go one roll without betting before Placing the 6 and 8 for $18 each

4. $15 Pass Line with 3-2-1 Odds – much higher than a $5 table

5. Playing the Don’t Pass but also betting the Iron Cross for 2 hits and down.  During our amazing run of 11 winning sessions, these bets produced almost $2,000.00 in Winnings

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Episode # 99 Waking Up In Vegas

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Episode # 99 Show Notes: In the opening monologue Coach Fav exams Katie Perry’s Lyrics to her hit, “Waking Up in Vegas.” He considers the verisimilitude of the lyrics and weighs the song’s message against his experiences as a recreational gambler in Las Vegas over the decades.

In our 3-2-1 Craps Talk segment, Coach Fav discusses craps strategies on a $15 table, which are becoming much more common as in many states craps tables are limited to just six players due to Pandemic restrictions by state governments. $15 minimum tables are challenging to low rollers who go in to games with $200 or less.

Coach Fav examines the surprising success of the John Gruden’s Las Vegas Raiders.  The Raider upset of the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City was most impressive. Important stats are considered.

Finally, a call in to the show from “Tom,” an Atlantic City gambler is played.  He offers an enthusiastic congratulations on our upcoming 100th podcast and has suggestions for some future content in the podcasts.

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Episode # 98 Twelve Feet Away From $34,000

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Part I

Opening: Youtube 3-2-1 craps strategy approaching 200,000 views.  Craps segment begins with us playing craps at the Meadows Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania. Our opening three straight matchplay coupons were losses and made Coach Fav more cautious in this game .  Hint: he decided not to make place bets or odds bets behind the pass line until after the first roll following an established point number. This is a cautious way to play and it certainly helped today.  Coach Fav continues to hedge $15 come out rolls with a 3-way  $6 craps bet. This hedge bet paid off but not until he approached the end of the session. Until late in the game, he was behind.

Back to back come out rolls craps numbers 12 and 2 along with 3 consecutive $15 field bets make the session profitable and makes that made 10 straight sessions of winning craps since the casinos reopened in Pennsylvania. How about that! Just Plus $66 on this visit, but we’ll take it after being behind most of the game.

Part II

Janie explains the title of the episode: “Twelve Feet Away from $34,000.  She has a great attitude and enjoys seeing other players win.

Part III

Tax consequences on slot winnings are explained. A player always has the responsibility of paying taxes on gambling winnings.  So if you are an honest individual then a journal that keeps track of your winnings and losses and provides the date and location of your visit is acceptable to the IRS. Remember you can deduct your “documented” losses from you winnings.

The casino will make sure that you pay if you hit $1200 or more on a slot machine by giving you a W2G from to complete before you are free to depart the casino with your cash.

In table games there are two things that must happen to be given a W2G.

1. Must win at least $600 on a wager. 

2. The payout must be at least $300 times the wager.  This is most unlikely in craps with the exception of the Fire Bet.  Other sidebets in a number of table games but not a craps table would certainly be this way often paying thousands and thousands of dollars.  Remember though that the responsibility to pay taxes on winnings of any amount is always there.

For details: go to Color Up’s “Taxes and Gambling” on YouTube by Jeremy Elerick.  It’s the best explanation of this tax information that I have ever come across.

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Episode # 97 Less Talk More Rock

I. In this episode Coach Fav draws from the Review Journal Newspaper, the daily newspaper of the Las Vegas area, the book CRAPS TO WIN THOUSANDS by Carroll Meyer ,and KNTV Las Vegas news broadcasts. 

The incidents of violence and even murder in Las Vegas appear to be out of control. Consequently, new security and more severe security measures are being put in place by  Wynn/Encore and many other companies are also increasing their security protocols and staffing.  In our view these are good things (great news) and working in conjunction with the Las Vegas Metro Police should turn back the recent increase in crime in the Las Vegas area, particularly on the Tourist Corridors of the Strip and Fremont Street. 

II. After playing craps for decades as has Carroll Meyer, I have learned that “when a craps table is hot it’s hot and when it’s not, it’s not.”  All place bet, pressing, come, and pass line plays are effective when the table is hot.  When shooters keep rolling numbers, good things happen to those who bet the numbers.

 Yet learn quickly that it is not always that way.  Carroll Meyer’s narrative of an amazing afternoon playing craps at Caesar’s is a high roller’s dream.  Enjoy it. Over $500,000 was won at the table that afternoon with only three people playing at this $100 minimum table. Nothing like a $7500 line bet with $15,000 in odds behind it. One player had $60,000 at risk at times.  You will love this story if you are a pass line and “bad bet” player (hard ways, hop bets, prop bets). Check out his book, Craps to Win Thousands – it’s a fun read.

III. Do you play the slots at McCarran International Airport?  People always warn about these “tight machines.”  Good thing for one tourist from North Dakota that he did not listen to such advice. Playing a $1.25 Wheel of Fortune machine, the tourist flew home with a more than two hundred thousand dollars.  Nice work!  

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Episode # 96 Just Win, Baby!

Show Notes, September 24, 2020

Host Coach Fav visits the impressive National Football League upset win of the LV Raiders over the heavily favored New Orleans Saints on the opening night of Allegiant Stadium and televised on the 50th anniversary of Monday Night Football. We look at the economic promise of the opening of bars and sports books in Nevada, and we discuss many of the amazing BIG slot machine payouts and table game bonus bets in recent weeks in Las Vegas. Simply, they are HUGE. A few hours after our podcast was completed another big win of $437,540 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Cosmopolitan. The winner won on his 60th spin of a $2.50 wager.

This podcast also takes a deep look at the present unemployment numbers in Nevada, pointing out that Reno is down to under 8% unemployment while the job growth comeback in Las Vegas is much slower.  Finally Coach Fav presents Covid 19 stats that are getting overlooked by the major of major news outlets. These numbers are amazing yet unreported by most news outlets.

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Episode # 95 Labor Day Vegas Mayhem

Show Notes:

1. Keno Nick calls from Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Western Maryland (Flintstone, Maryland)

2. “Adventure Betting” in Roulette explained. This play is becoming increasingly common in Roulette, but the bet is physically difficult REQUIRING that one must place 30 numbers before the time to bet expires. If the table is crowded, then “just making” the bet becomes an adventure in this high risk low reward wager. (30 ways to win and just 7,8, or 9 ways to lose depending on how many zeros the table offers).  This bet reminds Coach Fav of laying numbers in Craps or using odds on the Don’t Pass Line; that is, the player risks more money to win less. 

3. Coach Fav considers what is, perhaps,  “the most important concept” one can learn in a Dealer School. Live Casino Pittsburgh, a new casino being built near Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has established their own dealer school (5 week course), admitting 120 students as they plan to hire 50 or 60 of them. The new casino is scheduled to open before Thanksgiving 2020.

4. National social unrest spills over in Las Vegas on both the Strip and Downtown – physical fighting in and out of casinos and casino hotels. The Las Vegas Metro Police speak on the podcast reporting what happened and how they expect to stop this mayhem from occurring in the future. Over the Labor Day weekend,  it was very dangerous to be a tourist in Las Vegas. This problem must end or Vegas will be severely hurt as it struggles to comeback from Covid 19.

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Episode # 94 Casino Smarts

In his opening segment Coach Fav talks about several “smarts” that helps one when gambling in a casino to actually come out ahead, and in the final segment of the podcast,  Janie explains why it is often wise to book more comped nights at a hotel casino then you actually need. From refrigerators in the room to the dangers of “third party” bookings, this episode provides the listener with much of their accumulated wisdom over several decades of enjoying traveling together and gambling in so many casino resorts.  

In between their opening and closing segments, Coach Fav in his popular CRAPS TALK segment explains how “Smart Craps” is played from the pass line.  Although experts consider that the math behind smart craps proves that it is definitely the best way to play the game, Coach Fav shares his feelings about putting so much hard earned cash at risk and why he moved away from smart craps over the years.  Playing full odds or heavy odds behind the pass line and doing the same on a couple of “come bets” is a way to win or lose big money fast. That’s a hard and fast fact. Of course, this is all up to the player, which is a point that Coach Fav embraces each and every podcast.

Play your own way with a style that you trust.  Despite what you may hear from the so called experts, there is no guarantee that you will always win any casino table game and craps is no different. If any table game system of play or dice control in craps was actually foolproof, casinos would remove craps tables from the floor or any other table game that was easily defeated by patrons.  Every table game and slot machine has a “house edge” built in and that is something that should always be understood. That is why casinos exist – to win your money. Nonetheless, there are still many reasons to enjoy recreational gambling, and Casinos USA Podcasts seeks the “Pursuit of Happiness.” 

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Episode # 93 Once in a Lifetime

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Once in a Lifetime 

Show Notes:

A. Last Pandemic 1917-1918. Will the one in 2020 be the last one in your lifetime?

b. Last “Boomer” Presidential Runs

c. Las Vegas long term future no longer about Boomers who are now outnumbered by      younger generations

d. SW Airlines giving 2 years to use cancelled tickets without a charge to customer

e. Cancelled complimentary hotel stays returned to customer after several months

f. Craps Hop Bet the Hardways on the Come out Roll  (These Most Unlikely Results Will Never Happen Again to Coach Fav)

g. Professional Sports with No Fans in Stadiums

h. High Schools, open, closed, long distance learning, brick and mortar attendance?

i.  Government sending us money

j. Restaurant rules putting nearly all restaurants in jeopardy of not surviving

H. Even so, two new casinos are coming to Pennsylvania. One of them, at the Westmoreland County Site, is to open around Thanksgiving of this year. They are being built by the Maryland-based Cordish Gaming Group, which runs MARYLAND LIVE, a very large casino in Maryland. Coach Fav gives the details of slots and tables at their new casino in Westmoreland County, about 30 minutes from the Casinos USA Studio. 

Casinos USA mission is to continue to seek. LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. We still are the magic place where EVERYDAY IS SATURDAY!

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Episode # 92 Another Kind of One Nighter

Show Notes, July 23, 2020

Parts I and III:  If anyone is hesitant to vacation in Las Vegas or Atlantic City because they do not want to fly, ride busses, walk within large crowds, or stand in long lines because of fear of Covid, then this podcast suggests trying a short stay at a small casino cluster within a few hour drive from your home, if possible. 

Jane and Coach Fav offer a number short stay plans that they have enjoyed, and they encourage the listeners to play travel agent and create a couple of casino resort short stay scenarios for themselves.  Janie asks our listeners to share their ideas with all of us by calling the voicemail of the podcast at 1-724-519-4556 (24/7) and giving your plans at casinos close to you where large crowds or waiting in lines would not be expected. The casinos you choose would be no more than 6 hours from your home.

Here are “Short Stay Gems” we love: 

Pennsylvania — Lady Luck Casino at Nemacolin Resort: 724-329-7500

Pennsylvania — The Meadows Racetrack and Casino: 877-824-5050

Pennsylvania — Hyatt Meadows Hotel: 724-222-777

Iowa — Ameristar Casino Hotel Council Bluffs — 712-328-8888

Iowa — Harrah’s Council Bluffs — 712-329-6000

West Virginia — Wheeling Island Hotel Casino and Racetrack — 304-232-5050

West Virginia — Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races — 304-725-7001

Michigan — Four Winds New Buffalo

Indiana — Four Winds South Bend (Slots Only Tables Games Coming) 866-494-6371

Indiana — Blue Chip Casino & Hotel — 219-879-7711

Indiana — Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg — 812-539-8000

Indiana — Belterra Casino Resort — 812-427-7777

Indiana — Rising Star Casino Resort — 812-438-1234

Maryland – MGM National Harbor — 301-749-7500

Maryland — Maryland Live — 443-842-7000

Maryland — Rocky Gap Casino Resort — 301-784-8400

Part II:  Coach Fav recounts a $825 winning day at the Craps Table at a recent casino visit.

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Episode # 91 Themed Casinos or Not?

Part I:    Winning and Losing

a. There is a lot of luck often when it comes to winning and losing and Mark Clark of South Rockwood, Michigan must be a candidate for one of the “luckiest” gamblers of all time. (from CNN) — When most can’t manage to get a $20 return on a scratch off, one Michigan man walked away with $4 million … TWICE!! “You don’t think you’ll win millions once, and you definitely never think it would happen twice,” said Mark Clark, of South Rockwood, Michigan, after his latest win this month.

Three years ago, Mark delivered fuel to a gas station in Hudson, Michigan. He bought an instant game lottery ticket and scratched off the bar code. The ticket said to see the clerk — and so he did. As Mark and the cashier were talking, the cashier scratched the rest of the ticket and then looked at Mark with a shocked look on his face and said: ‘Mark, you just won $4 million!.” 

So last month again Clark bought an instant game ticket — and again, he won. Again, it was $4 million. “I scratched the ticket off in the store with a coin my dad gave me about 10 years ago,” he said, according to a Michigan Lottery release. “We lost him about a year ago after some health struggles, and I can’t help but think maybe that lucky coin helped me win this.”

b. Another experience in winning and losing occurred during an argument between two people who were in love with one another. They decided to calm down and take a car ride and take things over in a more reasonable way. Yes, this second story involves a Roanoke woman who wins $177,777 on a “scratcher” ticket because of a fight with her boyfriend.  Read for details. This info came off of ABC local newscast.  Most argument don’t end so happily.

Part II:     3-2-1 Craps Segment. 

Coach Fav explains how placing the 6 and 8 from the Don’t Pass Line has given him 7 straight wins since returning to the craps tables since they have opened in June.  His 3-2-1 Craps strategy for pass line players who are low rollers has surpasses 170,000 views on YouTube on Jeremy Elerick’s Color Up Channel.  Just type in 3-2-1-craps to find it.

Part III:    Themed Casinos or Not?

Janie and Coach Fav go into an extended conversation discussing the many “Themed Casinos” that they have enjoyed. Yet they agree that the themed casino format is ending.

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