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Episode # 16 Seven Days on the Las Vegas Strip Part I

Casinos USA Team spends six nights and seven days back on the Las Vegas  Strip; Visitors to Las Vegas now fear Bedbug epidemic; Free rooms at the Tropicana courtesy of Marquee Gaming were great; New Restaurant at the Trop one of the Best in Las Vegas; New Cuban decor at the Tropicana uplifting compared to the old style; Trop’s “Club Tower” a big hit for hotel guests; Mobile Check in at the Luxor Hotel a must for weekends.  Luxor’s M-Life management bringing the glory of the Luxor back; We grade the Luxor comeback an “A.” … Mandalay Bay and the Luxor both pay triple on the number 12 on the field – a good deal and unusual for the strip.  Coach Fav saved by his wife Jane while playing craps while down more than $900.  Janie encourages Fav to chase his loses the way that Caller Doug explained in a call to the podcast.  Janie teaches craps to several people while playing on a Craps Shoot to Win machine.  Pyramid Suite at the Luxor a great deal and immaculate.  It made our stay there.  Part II ..More gaming and Janie’s input on May 4th podcast will include restaurant reviews and travel tips.  Don’t Miss It.  Call  Casinos USA’s Answering Service to tell your story 1-724-519-4556.  Remember, “Every day is Saturday at Casinos USA.”

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Episode # 15 The Bets of Roulette

Episode # 15 The Bets of Roulette
(Content Overview) Part I
Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556 Part I … Why do we gamble? Coach Fav gives his major reasons. Call in and give us your reasons for gambling.
Part II … The Bets of Roulette, the variety of 11 bets in this game are examined and discussed. ( to review betting charts)
Part III … The Boys are Back in Town, several members of the Casinos USA team will visit Las Vegas over the Easter Break, Coach Fav’s agenda is discussed.
Part IV Call In Guest … A call in to the show from Las Vegas, dealer Heather Ferris, who also operates a “free online trade school,” for aspiring Las Vegas dealers. She will teach you how to deal and help you find a job.
Heather’s website: Visit:

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Episode # 14 Caller Doug’s Aggressive Pressing

(Content Overview)
Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556.
Part 1 Press my bets. Caller Doug from Houston explains his aggressive style in pressing his craps place bets on the 8-9-10. Doug’s Recorded Phone Call to Casinos USA is played. With Casino Table Games, Do you play by Preferred Strategy, or by Gaming Intuition? We consider a call by Jeff from Maryland who is a Blackjack Player. Several Gaming Intuition moments considered by Coach Fav as opposed to conscious reasoning in betting. Do instinctive feelings sometimes supersede your understanding of the preferred strategies? How often? Story of grandma saying to bet on the 5 for her … “Put $500 on the 5 for Grandma” ….. then as the dice bounce off of the back wall, the “Stick man yells, “5,” almost in disbelief WHY DIDN’T I BET WITH GRANDMA.
Part 2 Janie talks about how much money she would have won on a Daytona Beach Casino Boat if she had employed Caller Doug’s Pressing Strategies. What’s right for you? Coach Fav chimes in with his “rules” for pressing in Craps, Pai Gow, Baccarat, and Roulette.
Part 3 Tribute to Carroll Meyer, one of the greatest craps players of all time who was one of 14 players at a $500,000 red hot winning table at the Dunes in the late 60’s.— Newspaper account of 50 passes of the Dice with more than a 2 hour roll!

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Episode # 13 Boomers, Cars, Airplanes, and Casinos

(Content Overview) Boomers (ages 53 to 71) love cars and travel in general. Gen-Xers buy in also. Millennials – every so often. See how we combine cars, airplanes, and casinos in our “pursuit of happiness.” and we want you to do the same. Part 2: Casinos USA reviews the beautiful Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Maryland – one of the most scenic venues in America for a Casino Resort, and it is family friendly with many onsite activities, including swimming in a mountain lake on a white sand beach with lifeguards, rental boats, fishing, indoor heated pool, 4 restaurants and bars, fire pits, walking and biking trails, and an 18 hole award winning golf course. Also look at the activities outside of the resort in nearby Cumberland or the Blue Knob Skiing Area. Don’t forget the state park has its own Aviary. The Rocky Gap Casino Resort is designated as a AAA Diamond Resort. Part 3: DICE CONTROL? We reveal that we do not believe in dice control, but we do believe that by “setting dice” certain “dice tendencies” regarding outcomes are created. We will discuss our three favorite “sets” and follow-up with photos of these sets on our website and on our Facebook pages: Casinos USA. The three sets: (a.) The V Three’s, (b.) The Inverted Six Set, (c.) The Double 5 hardway set. We believe that these sets will give you a shot at going 15 roles or more, and we will also discuss where 40 plus roles were experienced using these three exact sets. In fact, we went to nearly 90 rolls at the Rio in Las Vegas with the Inverted 6 set.

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Episode # 12

Episode # 12 Season Two
“3 Casino Resorts in 6 Days,” Setting a Trip Monetary Limit, Configuring Time, Route from Pittsburgh to Lawrenceburg, Passing other casino resorts on the way to Indiana, 36 hours of craps play using 5 betting strategies, (Betting Details End of Writeup) What won? What Lost?, What craps casino dealers stood out? Janie talks about the “Americana” of Southern Indiana river towns and the ever present “Hoosier Hospitality”: Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Rising Sun, Florence, Vevay, Lobby Bar at the Belterra Casino Resort is Crazy Cool, Yes, take a casino road trip soon!

5 Craps Betting Strategies used on trip to Southern Indiana casino resorts:

Strategy 1. (at the Hollywood) 6 and 8 Off and On after 3rd roll after come-out roll; Play hard number also if it is a 6 and 8 established as number by come-out roll; press these bets one unit per each $100 won. * Place the 6 or 8 if it is an established point so that you can go “off” when you want. Remember a pass line or put bet cannot come down, only the odds behind it. However, a Don’t Pass Line bet can always be taken down.

Strategy 2. (at the Rising Sun) Play Don’t Pass Line for $15 with a $40 lay on the 4 as a hedge. This will cost you $1 on a win of $20. Add an all-day $5.00 hard way bet on the 4 as an hedge. Take lay bet down after one roll following the come-out (or not).

Strategy 3. (at the Rising Sun) Don’t Pass line for $25 and play the “Iron Cross” at minimum levels. This bet is placing the 5-6-8 and field. I do it for 2 or 3 rolls then go off. There is no hedge for the don’t pass line. Player may lift Don’t Pass Line Bet if he/she wins more than $12 on the Iron Cross Bet.

Strategy 4. Smart Craps (at the Rising Sun) Pass line with 2x odds and placing the 6,8,10 (table minimums) and putting $5 on the hard 10 – Parley the hard 10 if it hits. This takes the hard way bet to $40. Then cover this bet by buying the 10 for $20. Increase odds behind the line to 4x and 5x if I begin to win consistently. Press place bets if this occurs also.

Strategy 5. (at the Belterra) Play the Don’t Pass Line at the minimum level and play Don’t Come (DC) bet every roll. There is no hedge on the don’t pass line. At a $5 table, it is $5 on the Don’t Pass and $5 for every DC bet. Make a DC bet after every roll of the dice following the come-out roll. This is a great bet to play the dark side.


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Episode # 11 Long Shot Bets in Craps

In this End of Season 1 podcast, explore the long shot Craps Fire Bet and the All Small, All Tall, and Make Them All Bets with Coach Fav.  The odds against the player are extreme but the award of turning a $5 bet into $5,000 is so sweet.

In the final segment of the episode, Coach Fav discusses the start-up of Casinos USA and shares the group experience of becoming a podcaster with a dozen or so followers to 2,000 plays a month.

Season 2 will begin the third week of February.  Hope to see you then. Everyday is Saturday at


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Episode # 10 When in Rome

Episode # 10 “When in Rome” explores our team’s visit to Maryland’s new MGM National Harbor casino resort hotel in Prince George County adjacent to Washington D.C.  This episode also considers the advantages or not of playing “Off and On” and sometimes “Down” in craps and suggest a completely new paradigm in craps wagering. Finally, this episode reviews the ruling of district US judge, Noel L. Hillman, in the Atlantic City Borgata Casino case against poker professional Phil Ivey and his partner Cheng Yin Sun.  Discover the shocking ruling against Ivey and how it should be understood by all casino gamblers.


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Episode # 9 … “Keep it to Yourself”

Part I…There is a real danger in mocking other players because they are making “stupid bets” at a table game that you are playing also.  All 9 of us  on the Casinos USA team ask that our listeners take Coach Fav’s warning seriously as he explains what you might be getting yourself into by putting down another player, whom you really do not know.  Be careful what you say to a total stranger at a craps table.

When do come bets end up haunting you even when the point is made by the shooter? Think about what could roll next.  What is the third “best” bet in craps?  The answer will most likely surprise you unless you are a true craps veteran or just a good guesser.

Part II…A throwback casino hotel on Boulder Highway offers $2 Blackjack 24/7 and $1 beers and still pays 3 to 2 on Blackjack.  Hear what Coach Fav learned about the Longhorn Casino Hotel from a Casinos USA Facebook member named Doug.  Maybe the Longhorn is the best place in Las Vegas to practice your Blackjack game on the cheap.

Part III  Two famous gaming authors and “advantage players” (according to reporter Mark Gruetze of the Tribune Review), Bob Dancer and Jean Scott speak out on how the relationship between players and casinos have become increasingly distant in terms of the new rules that the casinos have created.  Why do some players get banned because they are so good?  Why are some “advantage players” permitted to keep on playing despite how good they are?

Happy Holidays from Casinos USA!

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Episode # 8 Attack of the Millennials

Part 1: Broad-brush sociological generational definitions do not cover everyone in a generation, Positive values Millennials have brought to the workplace, Millennials are digital natives setting them apartfrom other generations but have disdain for “boring” slot machines, Party pits part of the casino answer with their social component with gambling, Millennial casino partying is about drinking and dancing not gambling, Las Vegas ads push the OK for Millennial hook-up culture, Millennial narcissism outlook leads to breaking of social norms (especially sexual freedoms), Predict that increasing adult responsibilities and having children will ultimately reign Millennials back to more traditional values, The social game of craps has a big future with Millennials but probably in arena format, Casino poker lounges dry and cold, almost anti-social, Millennials distance from traditional religious worship worrisome to writer, Time is on the side of the Millennials not the Boomers. (quotes in article via Tony Raap of the Tribune Review)

Part 2: Try Traveling to Las Vegas in December, January, and February for great hotel and airline rates and other special advantages, phone conversation with Casinos USA member Jill Nicole regarding flights in February

Part 3: Crazy, insane bets in Craps that sometimes pay off big wins

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Episode # 7 Just the Facts

Happy Thanksgiving from Casinos USA.  Do you have the courage to evaluate your attraction to gambling?  If so, take the Gamblers Anonymous test with us.  What state makes the most money from taxes on casinos?  How many casinos are there in Nevada?
Another way to think about craps … Hedging the come-out roll often defies the infinity math associated with this game.  Did you know that nearly 1/3 of come-out rolls are 7/11 or 2-3-12.  Why pass up this action?  Keep the emails coming, we love them!