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Episode # 39 Club 55

1. Most Casinos are Boomer Cities during Mondays-Thursdays.
2. Club 55 is a club that one joins by just being age 55 or older.
3. One of the best deals for Club 55 is BOGO pricing at the Buffets
4. Seniors often enjoy double point days or a reduced hotel room rate.
5. Casinos USA drives 26 miles from the Rising Star to the Belterra for a BOGO Buffet.
6. The River Road between Rising Sun, Indiana and Florence, Indiana is an adventure.
7. Hammerlock Craps YouTube Promo is frankly “Over the Top” with promises.
The Hammerlock
8. Step One: Before the come-out roll, put equal amounts of money on the pass line and don’t pass line (at a $5 table make both bets $5). MAKE A DON’T PASS LINE ODDS BET OF $30 (this bet will pay $20 if a 7 is rolled before the established point).
9. Step Two: Once there is an established point, place the 6 and 8 for $12 each.
10. Step Three: Once a 6 or 8 is made, take them down. (profit $14) and immediately, play 22 inside, $5 on the 5 and 9, $6 on the 6 and 8.
12. After a hit, take all place bets down. (total profit so far, $21)
13. Now the only active bet is the don’t pass line odds bet of $30. If a 7 is rolled before the
established point, your profit would be $41.
14. Casino Group Therapy deals with this premise: “The Casino Business is Changing.”
15. Janie explains how change is manifest at the Rising Star Casino Resort.
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Episode # 38 America’s Biggest Gambling Scam


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Chapter 1
2. College basketball point-shaving gambling scandals began in 1950 and continue perhaps to the present day. What is point-shaving? Players think it might be OK to do this because they are not throwing a game, they are just secretly trying to stop their team from beating the spread.
Infamous scams at CCNY, Boston College, Arizona State, and Northwestern. Scary/Sad
Chapter 2
3. Predicting the winner- magical emails or postcards. How does it work? What famous FBI Director brought mail fraud charges against the “criminals” who used this brilliant but illegal scheme, which truly seemed to predict future sports winners with complete certainty.
Chapter 3
4. Laying the 4 and 10 the Coach Fav way! Make $40 lay bets on the 4 and 10 on come-out rolls. Consider a hedge bet by hopping the 4 and 10 for $3 each or protecting yourself against a hard number by making an all-day hard-way bet on the 4 and 10. After the come-out roll, Coach Fav keeps the lay bets up but for one roll. He also has $15 on the pass line with $20 odds. Making the lay bets on come-out rolls may move you to playing the Don’t Pass- MAYBE
Chapter 4
What’s the better Casino Resort of the two, Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? Coach Fav and Janie read and discuss several trip reports on this topic from TripAdvisor. Pick a winner!

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Episode # 37 Name it and Claim it!

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1. PLAYING CRAPS THE AL KAUFMAN WAY, What is Smart Craps? .. Why do people lose big so often playing craps the best way by math standards? . Consider other ways to Play. The Kaufman system works great on a flip-flopping table but not on a consistently cold table or hot table. Remember Jimmy the Greek’s warning, “Never fight a Streak.” We would never go the distance with the Kaufman play, which requires a bet of $1200.
2. NAME IT AND CLAIM IT requires us to admit an error we made discussing Bubble Craps in a prior podcast.
3. TOUR GROUP NOT. Casinos USA questions taking a tour group vacation to Las Vegas. We explain our reasoning -a matter of Agenda and other Key Issues.
4. TAKING TEENAGERS TO LAS VEGAS. Do it but first Listen to Casinos USA’s Janie with her great advice. She has considerable experience as a chaperone of large teenage groups to New York City, Las Vegas, and Basketball tournaments and camps around the USA. Parents taking their own kids to Vegas will also benefit from her recommendations as how to keep teenagers engaged while vacationing in Las Vegas.
5. Attending Church as a group or family in Las Vegas is very easy to do right on the Strip
5. TODAY’S BUFFET .. We recommend visiting Casino Easter Buffet’s everywhere, especially at the Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana- “They cut the crab legs for you!”
6. Mohegan Sun, Here we come. Casinos USA taking 4 members April 20/21. Maybe a little of Foxwoods also…

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Episode # 36 Finally, A Royal Flush

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1. Late winter high water near Florence, Indiana, on the Ohio River closes the Belterra Casino Resort “Riverboat” for short times making Casinos USA’s Jerry and Elaine unsure if they should stop for a visit there. Yet they take a chance and …
2. Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Rocky Gap State Park, Flintstone, Maryland, makes a neat room offer to anyone who wants to book a room in March of 2018 (STAYPLAY).
3. Coach Fav gives two low roller craps strategies that have been successful for him.
4. Bubble Craps offers table craps players a seat at the “table” and inexpensive fun.
5. Janie finally hits a Video Poker Royal Flush at Rocky Gap Casino after 15 years of trying in casinos coast to coast.
6. In April 20, 21 (2018) four members of Casinos USA will be at Mohegan Sun for a first time visit. Maybe we will make some new podcast friends and win some money too.
7. Coach Fav tells the story of the longest “documented” craps roll in American Casino History at the Atlantic City Borgota in 2009. Guess how long a shooter kept the dice?
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Episode # 35 Five February Nights In Las Vegas

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Content –
1. Overview of Podcast, Why play the “Super Hedge” Betting System for Craps?
Are there times when winning a little money is better than losing a lot of money? If you agree, consider the “Super Hedge” until the table warms up. Detailed Explanation of the “Super Hedge” Craps System presented by Coach Fav
2. Flying to and from Vegas on Southwest Airlines
3. Advantages of Early Check-in and Mobile Check-in at Casino Hotels on the Strip
3. Changing Suites at Bally’s – Water falling through the ceiling light fixture
4. Ellis Island Video Poker Radioactive for Janie
5. Ellis Island food and drink are the best deals in Vegas
6. Excalibur Casino and Hotel clean but worn out – yet still “kid friendly”
7. Tech Guru Connor finally finds a Las Vegas area town where he could live
7. Enjoying the sun together at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas
8. Fremont Street has advantages over the Strip along with other “off-strip” possibilities
9. 14 Hours of Winning Craps – not a losing session over 5 Nights by not playing just one way

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Episode # 34 Las Vegas Redux

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Podcast Segment I
Redux means revisiting and experiencing things that one has done before but with just as much passion. Redux Visits Planned:
Redux Visit to UNLV, Redux Visit to Pinball Hall of Fame, Redux view of “LOVE” at the Mirage, Redux stay at low roller’s Bally’s and the Excalibur as we have done in the past,
Redux Breakfast at Ellis Island that we always enjoy,
Rental Car Question- car for the week or for selected days only?
No Time Share Promotions – EVER AGAIN,
Redux Lunch with a group of family and friends on top of the Stratosphere,
(New Visits) Visit to “The D” on Fremont Street and first visit to South Point (South of the Strip) … Surprise car repair at home hurts gambling budget – now $200 daily for a total of $1,000. High School Class Reunions, HS romantic flames and Las Vegas “Magic” are strangely similar (End of Segment I)

Podcast Segment II
Playing the 15-6 craps betting system, the most successful scheme Casinos USA has ever employed in playing craps. All the details of the system are presented, including examples of 3 come-out 7’s and 3 craps numbers on the come-out. Amazing results are quite possible.

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Episode # 33 God Bless the Golden Knights of Las Vegas

In Casinos USA’s January 4 podcast, “God Bless the Golden Knights of Las Vegas,” in the final segment of the podcast, we list and discuss in brief the Top Ten Gambling Books that have influenced our play and approach to casino gambling.
1. Craps to Win Thousands by Carroll Meyer
2. Take the Money and Run by Henry J. Tamburin
3. Everything Craps Strategy Book by Larry Edell
4. Make Your Living Playing Craps by Larry Edell
5. The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott
6. Cutting Edge Craps by Frank Scoblete
7. Craps Strategies by Michael Benson
8. The Dice Doctor by Sam Grafstein
9. American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie
10. New Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

Our podcast opens with an interview with a Las Vegas resident who explains why the Golden Knights Hockey Team has won the love and admiration of the Las Vegas residents. Also for our many Millennials who enjoy our podcast, we interview Tanner Patrick, a social media hit in Las Vegas who went there just a year ago without a job, taking a big risk. He tells his story so well. We also have an important craps segment in which we compare and contrast the $22 Iron Cross Bet with the $22 Inside bet. There are important distinctions between these low roller bets and advantages and disadvantages to both. Hope you enjoy this #33 podcast of Casinos USA!



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Episode # 32 Casinos on New Year’s Eve

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  1. Supply and Demand increases nearly all costs to celebrants on New Year’s Eve. Room rates in LV are through the roof for this holiday.
  2. Remember that that the LV Strip closes to traffic hours before midnight so get to where you are going early.  Gambling through the entire evening is not why visiting casinos on New Year’s Eve is appealing.
  3. Best to celebrate at the casino where you are staying.
  4. Spectacular fireworks up and down the strip at midnight
  5. Easier to move about on Fremont Street on New Year’s Eve than the Strip
  6. Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana voted the best Boyd Casino by our listeners.
  7. American Casino Guide 2018 indispensable and quite valuable to recreational gamblers
  8. Gaming writer Randy Ray says that Slot Machines are Never Due.  Consider is his position and then hear the view of Casinos USA.

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Episode # 31 Illegal Gambling and Me

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1. Local pool room experiences begin at the age of 9
2. Illegal pinball machine payouts
3. 9 ball and bottle pool games for money
4. Illegal sports betting everywhere in Western Pennsylvania
5. Mob owned bars and pubs that were packed with underage patrons
6. Street drug sales nixed by Italian mafia in the Pittsburgh area
7. Las Vegas “mob memories” reflected by stories from “Boomer” performers
8. Review of the 2018 American Casino Guide, which earns 5 stars from us
9. Casino Coupons in this book total more than $1,000.00
10. Casino Group Therapy session anticipates the SCOTUS sports betting ruling anticipated to be announced in the spring of 2018.
To use our Amazon Link, go to (Much appreciated) To follow us on Twitter @casinosusa2017…to join our Facebook Group check Casinos USA, written as two words.

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Episode # 30 Coach Fav’s Ten Commandments of Gambling

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First Commandant: Paying your personal/family debts and saving and investing your money are first. Gambling with your money is last.
Second Commandment: Gambling while Drinking is Toxic. It’s a witches brew.
Third Commandment: Quit playing when you are ahead, rather celebrate your win.
Fourth Commandment: There are other things to do at a casino resort besides gambling.
Fifth Commandment: Understand casino comps but do not lose money because of them.
Sixth Commandment: Know the rules and etiquette of casino games and culture.
Seventh Commandment: Don’t be a sore loser.
Eighth Commandment: Don’t fall for con artists who claim they can make you money.
Ninth Commandment: Take a break from casinos and gambling every so often.
Tenth Commandment: Share Casino experiences with significant other(s) for maximum enjoyment.
Janie talks about sharing the casino experience and the happiness sharing brings.
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