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Episode # 48 Believe and Achieve

Part I      Our 3-2-1 Craps Strategy for low roller pass line players was made into a video on YouTube’s COLOR UP by Jeremey Elerick. After 21 minutes of play, Jeremey, as the shooter, was up $54.  That’s over $120 per hour at that rate.  Casinos USA believes that our system is the best system for low rollers as there is never is more than $36 put at risk. Often the player of 3-2-1 “owns the table” because they will win on a 7-out or win even more if the point is made.  So we call that “Own the Table.” To see our system in action go to YouTube Search type in 3-2-1 craps.  You’ll find it easily.  Thanks again, Jeremey.

Part II  Information about Las Vegas Time Shares and Vacation Clubs are presented. Learn about “discounted stay promotions” that are a real savings without you buying a thing; however, you have to attend the sales promotion or you will be charged full fare according to several court cases on this matter. A typical sales presentation is explained.

Part III Learn all about casino promotions such as free play, BOGO dinners, reduced room rates, gifts, and 3x or 5x or 10x point promotions for players points on specific days, and concert and other show tickets.  

Part IV Advantages of an MLife Mastercard for MLife points. Let’s consider them. Certainly there are benefits. but always be concerned about the effect of holding too many credit cards on one’s FICO Score. Maybe open one new card, but first payoff and close a card that you have now.  Your FICO score determines the loan rate on any loan that you seek. They are a big thing.

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Episode # 47 Golden Entertainment and Rocky Gap

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Part 1:  The many benefits of a late fall visit to Las Vegas are explained- nearly everything is better than visiting during July and August. Casinos USA will be in Las Vegas from Monday, November 19 through Tuesday, November 27.

Part 2:  Learning the benefits of the 3-2-1 low roller betting system for pass line players, Coach Fav claims his is the absolute best system for low rollers who are pass line players.

Part 3:  Jane and Coach Fav give a recent “Trip Report” from Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland – America’s most beautiful casino resort venue managed by the Golden Entertainment Gaming Company, which also owns the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

Part 4: Pennsylvania Casinos are presently suing the PA State Lottery.  Coach Fav explains the Casino’s complaints against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Who’s right?

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Episode # 46 Let’s Talk about Comps

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Part I: Caller asks how to parley a diamond status from one gaming company into comps from a different gaming company. Before answering, Coach Fav discusses comps in general and explains his own attraction to casino comps. He warns in full disclosure that comps are given based on anticipated losses, which is tied to level of play and length of play on table games or slots. Honestly, in the end, most gamblers pay for their own comps by their losses.

To answer the caller, Coach Fav presents his specific strategies for getting comps from a new gaming company by getting “personal” with your present casino hosts.  

Part II: Janie and Coach Fav discuss the value of renting a car on a Las Vegas vacation as opposed to just using Uber and cabs. Rental cars work well on weekend evenings where cab lines and Uber lines can have you in a 30 or 40 minute wait. If one wants to go “off strip” everyday, a rental car makes great sense. Janie presents actual rental costs in today’s Las Vegas. Janie reminds all to bring their auto insurance card rather than paying for rental car insurance from the rental agency, which is very costly. Consider renting a car for a day or two from within the hotel. This is easy to do and beats going back to the airport to do this.

Part III. In “Casino Group Therapy” today Coach Fav asks, “Do you really know what you are getting into when you gamble in a casino?” Coach tells craps players if they do not use odds bets behind the pass line, do not make pass line bets because the “house edge” is too great against you after the come-out roll without an odds bet. Rather make one unit place bets on the 6 and 8 to enjoy craps.  Low rollers are best served by the 3-2-1 pass line craps betting system that we review repeatedly.  Finally, know your own limitations in any table game before you decide to gamble at a higher level. Be honest with yourself! 

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Episode # 45 Will We Never Lose Again?

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Welcome to our 5th season of our podcasts. Coach Fav explains how South West Airlines credits “Wannagetaway” flight tickets, and how simple it is to cancel rooms at Bally’s, Luxor, and the Golden Nugget without monetary loss.

Coach Fav then explains his 3-2-1 craps betting designed for a low roller pass line player.  This system is enjoyable to play and offers pass line players a strong opportunity for success. 

Janie reviews our most recent casino trip to The Rising Star Casino Resort in Rising Sun, Indiana where we enjoyed the 70’s rock group, America, in concert.  Also she provides the details of our very successful gambling experiences over a 3-day period. Did you know that The Rising Star Casino Resort has become so popular that management is opening a “river ferry” to carry cars from the Kentucky side of the Ohio River to the Indiana side – just to make the journey to the resort much shorter for patrons from Kentucky.  It opens in August, 2018- this month. 

Pennsylvania casino expansion is putting another casino within 20 miles of the home of Casinos USA.  Janie explains what gaming company is building at a local mall. 

In the final segment, “Casino Group Therapy,”  Coach Fav weighs in on the long-standing debate – Who knows more about playing Craps, low rollers or high rollers?

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Episode # 44 Buying Legal Marijuana in Las Vegas

Call Casinos USA’s  24/7 voicemail to comment or ask a question: 1-724-519-4556.  Part I, a 30-something buys legal marijuana in Las Vegas for the first time.  He tells his story to Coach Fav. Part II, What advantages do Come Bets have over Place Bets or are Place Bets more advantageous? Coach Fav explains the issues in our Craps Talk segment.  Part III, Oliver, “the Talking Dog,” replays the best phone call the show has ever received, and we have received so many good ones.  Here this caller from the other side of the earth.  Follow us on Twitter @casinosusa2017; join our FaceBook Group: Casinos USA.  Today’s episode is the end of Season 4. We will return the first week of August after a 10-day stay in Las Vegas!

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Episode # 43 A Cabana at New York-New York

Published June 21, 2018

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Guest Jill Nicole, a Las Vegas local explains:

1.  Making online reservations via M-Life for room and cabana

2. Requesting mobile checkin- two nights for $160 including taxes and resort fees

3. Defining a cabana a bit unusal as in $50 for two chairs, Special Cabana price of $250 for a real cabana includes $250 in food and drink. Jill takes this special deal.

4. Uninvited guest in Jill’s cabana fridge happens to be a massive dead cockroach.

5. NY-NY credits everything beyond $100 for the dead cockroach problem, (very fair)

6. Tips for taking teenagers: NY-NY a good choice with park outside with music playing

7. Tournament of Kings worked well as Jill and teen girls are talented barrel racers

8. The Fear the Walking Dead Experience on Fremont Street a great hit with teens

9. Casino USA will be in Vegas for 10 days staying at Bally’s, Luxor, and Golden Nugget

10. CRAPS TALK TODAY-Exploring Carroll Meyer’s book “Craps to Win Thousands” 

11. How to bet the 7 when the feeling that a 7 is coming…

12. “Big Money Nick” calls the show from Atlantic City, an East Coast Vegas Alternative.  The joy and agony of KENO is discussed.  Thousands still love the game of KENO despite the odds against them. 

13. Janie and Coach Fav discuss the idea of retiring and moving to Las Vegas.


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Episode # 42 People Skills

Published June 7, 2018

1. Our Digital Audience is getting a fan following as we strive to provide information and entertainment. Hey, that’s cool with us.

2. A lot of positive feedback on Janie’s report last episode on vacationing and gambling while staying in Daytona Beach, Florida.  

3. Full Disclosure: “My Talking Pet App” is available on the iTunes Store.  So are our podcasts available through iTunes; however, they are available at no cost.  Why would iTunes put so many podcasts on their store site if they are free?  Podcasters do not pay to put them there. Our guess is so it brings listeners to the site in that they might find an app that they like even though it cost a few bucks. MyTalking Pet App will enable your dog to talk; SO AT LEAST IT SEEMS. Next we hear “Oliver the Talking Dog” talk about his “People Skills,” which leads us into a more serious consideration of Casino Customer Service as it should be.  

4. Coach Fav reviews 4 of his 10 commandants of Gambling

5. We present very serious medical information and a tip in our 9-day Las Vegas July Vacation Plan. It is our need for refrigeration as we are traveling with medicine that should be kept cold.  Diabetic medicines often include medicines that are not to get overheated. In the Nevada desert in July, that’s a problem. Let’s begin with the airport and explain our solution to this problem and how the casinos are involved. (IMPORTANT)

6. In our Craps Talk Segment, we explore the joy and pain of becoming Miss, Mrs. or Mr. PARLEY at the Craps Table. “Parlay It,” may be something to try next time you play.

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Episode # 41 SCOTUS, Yes — Rule 21 No

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1.  Recent ruling gives permission to the states to regulate sports betting and ends federal legislation that protected the Nevada exception.

2.  Rule 21 in professional baseball prohibits players from placing bets on games regardless if sports betting is legal or not. The new rule for all professional sports? 

3.  Maryland caller asks our view on the SCOTUS Impact on Las Vegas Casinos and if Fantasy Sports will be better off now. We give our views.

4.  What will happen to the illegal sports bookies?

5.  Chapter 2 – Rising Star wins a variety of important awards for Cincinnati area

6.  Chapter 3 – 9 Day plan for enjoying 9 days in Las Vegas

7.  Chapter 4 – Daytona Beach Gambling boats and Shopping

8.  Gaming Magazine 2018 ( – Check it Out!

9.  Playing craps with the NCD 20 strategy…hey, you might like this on your trips

10. Charting the numbers for our listeners. Tweet us at @casinosusa2017

11. Groupons, see if they work for you. Finding incredible deals in Las Vegas with Groupons…

12. Besides Gambling, what else are we doing for 9 days in Las Vegas? 

13. Finally staying on Fremont Street we choose The Golden Nugget.

14. Janie discusses the Daytona Beach Gambling Boats and Shopping Swim Ware Crazy

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Episode # 40 Changing Tables

Published May 10, 2018:   Contact our Voicemail at  1-724-519-4556.

1. If Dice have “no memory” why do so many players Change Tables Playing Craps? What’s really at work here?  Some Casinos are making $5 tables crapless craps – Not a good thing because it elevates the “house edge” even more. Is this a Contradiction or not? Changing tables or even changing Casinos because the dice are “cold” must mean you do not truly believe that dice are always random, does it not? Traditional Craps culture is often illogical and I admit, despite knowing better, I am often illogical in my Craps thinking too. Yet I refuse to change and probably most of you are the same way.

2. “CrapsJourney,” is a craps podcast from Australia that we recommend, here’s why.

3.  Podcast Personal Taste-Our Big Beef about “Disappointing Delivery and Content” in Gambling Podcasts – My personal taste excludes F-Bomb Vulgarity and Celebrating Intoxication – either are not entertaining to hear, informative or helpful. Hear our choice for the “Most Informative Gambling Podcast” and why.

4. Coach Fav reviews 3 of Casino USA’s 10 Commandants of Gambling.

5. A big Tip for Booking and Saving Money on Air Travel (Flying to Las Vegas)

6. Casino Group Therapy Session considers Henry J. Tamburin’s Definition of a SMART PLAYER, and their Consistent Winning Traits in Playing Craps (taken from Tamburin’s book, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN).

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Episode # 39 Club 55

1. Most Casinos are Boomer Cities during Mondays-Thursdays.
2. Club 55 is a club that one joins by just being age 55 or older.
3. One of the best deals for Club 55 is BOGO pricing at the Buffets
4. Seniors often enjoy double point days or a reduced hotel room rate.
5. Casinos USA drives 26 miles from the Rising Star to the Belterra for a BOGO Buffet.
6. The River Road between Rising Sun, Indiana and Florence, Indiana is an adventure.
7. Hammerlock Craps YouTube Promo is frankly “Over the Top” with promises.
The Hammerlock
8. Step One: Before the come-out roll, put equal amounts of money on the pass line and don’t pass line (at a $5 table make both bets $5). MAKE A DON’T PASS LINE ODDS BET OF $30 (this bet will pay $20 if a 7 is rolled before the established point).
9. Step Two: Once there is an established point, place the 6 and 8 for $12 each.
10. Step Three: Once a 6 or 8 is made, take them down. (profit $14) and immediately, play 22 inside, $5 on the 5 and 9, $6 on the 6 and 8.
12. After a hit, take all place bets down. (total profit so far, $21)
13. Now the only active bet is the don’t pass line odds bet of $30. If a 7 is rolled before the
established point, your profit would be $41.
14. Casino Group Therapy deals with this premise: “The Casino Business is Changing.”
15. Janie explains how change is manifest at the Rising Star Casino Resort.
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