Episode # 96 Just Win, Baby!

Show Notes, September 24, 2020

Host Coach Fav visits the impressive National Football League upset win of the LV Raiders over the heavily favored New Orleans Saints on the opening night of Allegiant Stadium and televised on the 50th anniversary of Monday Night Football. We look at the economic promise of the opening of bars and sports books in Nevada, and we discuss many of the amazing BIG slot machine payouts and table game bonus bets in recent weeks in Las Vegas. Simply, they are HUGE. A few hours after our podcast was completed another big win of $437,540 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Cosmopolitan. The winner won on his 60th spin of a $2.50 wager.

This podcast also takes a deep look at the present unemployment numbers in Nevada, pointing out that Reno is down to under 8% unemployment while the job growth comeback in Las Vegas is much slower.  Finally Coach Fav presents Covid 19 stats that are getting overlooked by the major of major news outlets. These numbers are amazing yet unreported by most news outlets.

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