Episode # 95 Labor Day Vegas Mayhem

Show Notes:

1. Keno Nick calls from Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Western Maryland (Flintstone, Maryland)

2. “Adventure Betting” in Roulette explained. This play is becoming increasingly common in Roulette, but the bet is physically difficult REQUIRING that one must place 30 numbers before the time to bet expires. If the table is crowded, then “just making” the bet becomes an adventure in this high risk low reward wager. (30 ways to win and just 7,8, or 9 ways to lose depending on how many zeros the table offers).  This bet reminds Coach Fav of laying numbers in Craps or using odds on the Don’t Pass Line; that is, the player risks more money to win less. 

3. Coach Fav considers what is, perhaps,  “the most important concept” one can learn in a Dealer School. Live Casino Pittsburgh, a new casino being built near Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has established their own dealer school (5 week course), admitting 120 students as they plan to hire 50 or 60 of them. The new casino is scheduled to open before Thanksgiving 2020.

4. National social unrest spills over in Las Vegas on both the Strip and Downtown – physical fighting in and out of casinos and casino hotels. The Las Vegas Metro Police speak on the podcast reporting what happened and how they expect to stop this mayhem from occurring in the future. Over the Labor Day weekend,  it was very dangerous to be a tourist in Las Vegas. This problem must end or Vegas will be severely hurt as it struggles to comeback from Covid 19.

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