Episode # 93 Once in a Lifetime

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Once in a Lifetime 

Show Notes:

A. Last Pandemic 1917-1918. Will the one in 2020 be the last one in your lifetime?

b. Last “Boomer” Presidential Runs

c. Las Vegas long term future no longer about Boomers who are now outnumbered by      younger generations

d. SW Airlines giving 2 years to use cancelled tickets without a charge to customer

e. Cancelled complimentary hotel stays returned to customer after several months

f. Craps Hop Bet the Hardways on the Come out Roll  (These Most Unlikely Results Will Never Happen Again to Coach Fav)

g. Professional Sports with No Fans in Stadiums

h. High Schools, open, closed, long distance learning, brick and mortar attendance?

i.  Government sending us money

j. Restaurant rules putting nearly all restaurants in jeopardy of not surviving

H. Even so, two new casinos are coming to Pennsylvania. One of them, at the Westmoreland County Site, is to open around Thanksgiving of this year. They are being built by the Maryland-based Cordish Gaming Group, which runs MARYLAND LIVE, a very large casino in Maryland. Coach Fav gives the details of slots and tables at their new casino in Westmoreland County, about 30 minutes from the Casinos USA Studio. 

Casinos USA mission is to continue to seek. LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. We still are the magic place where EVERYDAY IS SATURDAY!

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