Episode # 90 Everything Sparkles

Part 1  The Hyatt

Welcome to our 90th podcast on this June 25 afternoon.  Janie and Coach Fav discusses the experience of staying at the Hyatt Meadows, a hotel attached to the Meadows Casino by a 4th floor skybridge.  Hyatt looks to iconic medical organizations to keep their hotel free of Covid 19.  “Everything Sparkles,” says Janie.  The hotel had to make other changes due to the threat of Covid 19 contagion, but all the changes seemed reasonable and made one feel safe.  

Part 2 The Meadows Casino

Janie also explains that the Meadows insists that all patrons wear masks as does many of their employees.  The ones that do not wear masks but rather wear full face shields. Janie points out that hearing impaired individuals cannot read lips through a mask; however, they can read through a face shield.  This is something that I never thought about.  Janie points to many safety regulations in place and that she felt safe playing there. 

Part 3  Winning and Losing

Coach Fav enjoyed seeing a young man win $10,000 on a LINKS slot machine.  That positive experience was being at a craps table near a rather sore loser who went through about $4,000 in less than 90 minutes. 

Part 4  3-2-1 Craps Segment

Coach Fav explains one of his usual approaches to craps that he enjoys and is one that low rollers can enjoy and appreciate.

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